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Time to Destroy Fallacies of Germ Theory Surmounting Casualties

Science Killers with mRNA Injection Bombs

The Body’s Ability to Fight Cancer

Secrets of Bacteria in Healings, and Genetics

Malfunctioned Cells Caused Sickness

Fear not the Virus

Heroic Scientists, Doctors, and Outrageous Fakers of Virology

Freedom: Money Creation and Bank Operation Controls

New Foundation: Cell Theory, Biology, Medicine, and Virology

Understanding Heart: Insights into New Truthful Ways

HIV-AIDS Investigation: Origin of Lies and Destructions it Produced

Dr. Andrew Kaufman- Body Responses to Flu, Cancer, and other Illnesses

Dr. Jason Fung- Curable Truths about Diabetes Case

How to Fight the COVID Persecutions- Marvin Haberland Winning COVID Court-case Strategy

Professor Dr. Thomas Szasz- Evil Dangers of psychiatry

Medical Expedition to Truths- Reasons for Illness- by Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Mark Bishofsky

Virus Fear and Virology Scam- by Dr. Andrew Kaufman, and others

Virus Fairy Tale Scam- by Dr. Tom Cowan

Deductive Reasoning Guideline for Virus Investigation- by Dr. Tom Cowan

Lies and Dangers of Vaccines (COVID-19 and others)- by Dr. Tom Cowan

Nuclear Energy Fear Scam- by Galen Winsor

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