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Virus Fear Scam


Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Date: 4/23/2023.
Subjects: Virology and virus lies, fear, COVID, and corona virus.
ID: Article 5.

I, Daniel Hawley, have been researching, looking for information on the internet via watching videos, some media articles, and some academic publishing, and some observations within my life via my own body and other peoples', about medical topics and truths in it. I will publish more experiences or study experiments about them later. I have come to realization in controversies about viruses. I went deeper into this whole field called virology and discovered very interesting and surprising evidences that viruses could be just tell-tale boogieman stories from profound intimidators (liars), who could be doctors, fake scholars, shallow scientists, and other highly influential people in the Western World. Below is one of the videos, but I will be presenting more sources to back up my conclusions. Feel free to email or call me about your thoughts in this topics or other ideas you might have, freedom@waronlies.org, +1-716-525-8089.

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