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HIV-AIDS Investigation


Origin of Lies and Destructions it Produced

Date: 5/26/2023
Subjects: HIV, AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Nobel Prize Winning Lies of Lou Montagnier and Robert Gallo
ID: Article 11.

WoL presents outrageous absurdities in HIV tests and treatment cases in the following 90 min video. The hysteria started in transfusion disease symptoms in the medical activities, which the people noticed. More clues on this is present in video 2. Disease symptoms panic is dubbed virus (HIV later) and some people like Dr. Montagnier, and his predecessor Dr. Gallo (in Video 2) went after it to glorify and enrich themselves in academic world. In political and social world scenes, we can see ridiculous lies swaying in shambles, such as ignorant poor victims in Africa, and gay community unclean living in America with their drug and substance abuse disease effects were all blamed on HIV. Poverty caused disease in Africa, not HIV; and “Popper Inhaler” (drug abuse), damaging the pulmonary immune system, and other irresponsible life activities in homosexuals caused disease in the USA, not HIV. Tragically, other innocent people who were required to test via medical procedures or by laws were tested positive from unscientific ridiculous tests. Many of them went through treatments (AZT or also known as Zidovudine or ZDV), such as taking drugs, and other dangerous diagnosis and procedures, and many died. The survivors’ lives were ruined and law suits were filed. Innocent babies, and kids were also victims. Many doctors and medical professionals testify that AZT side-effects outweigh the benefits to treat the fake virus. “We can be exposed to HIV many times without being chronically infected. If you have a good immune system, [it] will get rid of it in a few weeks,” Luc Montagnier, MD, the discoverer of HIV virus. Back to content.

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-Daniel Hawley

HIV-AIDS Investigation Part 1: Lies Caused Outrageous Destructions- 90min

The video 1 below has a big thumbnail of Niel T. Constantine, PhD. He is a liar and a fake. We are Not promoting him!

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Video 2 below, 100 min, is very technical and scholarly material. It is very disorganized, and confusing for non-scholarly ordinary people. WoL will provide a clarified analysis for the USA audience. Many medical professionals in the video are non-native English speakers speaking English, which adds more difficulties to understanding it.

We need handy definitions first:


: A microscopic particle, also referred to as a virion, which, by definition, is “the intact, fully, assembled, infectious particle.”

The above is the definition in the video, but it is not smooth and confusing. Many people thinks virus is alive because it carries DNA and RNA codes. Virus, according to virologists, is a very small non-living protein compound. A dead protein mysteriously carries within itself DNA and RNA codes to latch onto living cells, eating the cell (parasitizing) and injects those codes to start replicating itself. A dead protein having DNA and RNA makes no sense, yet moreover, it parasitizes the cell. How can a dead thing act like living?


: a type of white blood cells that play a major role in the immune response. They develop from stem cells in the bone marrow. They help protect the body from infection and may help fight cancer.


: a type of immune cell that is made in the bone marrow and is found in the blood and in lymph tissue. The two main types of lymphocytes are B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes. B lymphocytes make antibodies, and T lymphocytes help kill tumor cells and help control immune responses.

Reverse Transcriptase or Reverse Transcription (RT)

: is an enzyme used to generate complementary DNA (cDNA) from an RNA template, a process termed reverse transcription, unique and essential activity for particles to be called retroviruses. At time 9:59 in video.

Phytohemagglutinin (PHA)

: is a lectin, obtained from the red kidney bean that binds to the membranes of T-cells and stimulates metabolic activity, cell division, etc.
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To know the storyline first is necessary to understand this video. Dr. Robert Gallo published a paper to suggest HIV could be causing the disease symptoms in blood transfusion patients (1:01:04 in video). His paper did not have anything substantial to back up his claim. Dr. Luc Montagnier, reproduced his paper with different elaborations. Montagnier came up with one obscure electron microscopic picture, one funny protein he named P24, claiming it bullseye HIV virus. All other scientists frowned and resented this clown-like vague claim (he called proof), and his own electron microscope “scientists” who analyzed his sample would not back his claim. Other critique scientists were keen enough to realize his strongest evident claim contradicts itself. Montagnier shouts out his cell culture (the sample to simulate HIV virus) produces reverse transcriptase activity. He would scream this alone is a proof, but he has to purify the sample, show electron microscopic pictures, and describe dimensions, attributes, and other characteristics of it in the scientific publication. The video reveals those secretive activities (evil lies) in the field of virology that most people have no idea about. Now everyone can see in the video about those absurdities like make-belief childhood pretentious games they are. In analyzing P24 protein, other scientists and Montagnier himself admit it does not have ability to produce Reverse Transcriptase (RT) activity. It does not have RT enzyme. Yet in his sample (cell culture mess with protein debris) he said he saw RT activity in 14 days. No one else could see what he saw. Now in modern times is time for these high-profile medical/academic publications to make video references, reproducible key activities, and obtain all other evidences. RT activity is very critical in describing the HIV, looking for the messy dead cells in the ambiguious cell culture (artificial environment); dead because supposedly the virus have killed them, but the virus itself was never found but always the havoc “it did” was always there-- like finger print in crime scene. Montagnier claimed he saw RT activity in mixing with his dead cell culture (experimental sample) with healthy donor’s blood cells; therefore, he claims this is the proof of virus existence of HIV, and also that is the image of the isolated virus (his strange definition of isolation). PHA (the growth factor or food for cells) itself causes the RT activity (proven in 1973 by Gallo). RT activity is characteristic of activities found in trying to look for viruses in lab activities, but these activities are not the virus particles. His predecessor Robert Gallo warned and confirmed it.


The RT activity seems to come alive whenever cells come in contact with almost anything. Note most cells are biological living things, so by their nature they like to copy themselves, especially the body parts relating to reproduction like eggs, stem cells, and umbilical cord (Montagnier used for his cell culture). They live fast and die fast. All these procedures above are nothing new or special in the virology field, but Dr. Luc Montagnier was awarded a 2008 Nobel Prize for his vague publication which will cause tremendous tragedies in the world later. One suggestive image, that could be anything else, is not a proof. The tool electron microscope itself is also under investigative criticism in the video.

Purifying virus procedures are explained nicely in the video with analogous simulated examples with beans, but also flaws in them are revealed. Even the kind of flawed separation for the beans in the video was never achieved with any viruses or HIV in history. Montagnier claimed he did, but never provided a picture in his paper. Most people who might not have read his paper actually accepted he proved the HIV and all the claims he said he did in his experiments.

Below is picture of an HIV virus that comes from twisted imagination of someone. Under the electron microscope, all that anyone can see is some black and white blots like ink spill. Montagnier said he found nine types of proteins in the picture below in his “purified” test tube. There were many other bands in the test tubes he quietly didn’t identify-- which made other scientists resentful. HIV Montagnier described has 9 proteins but Montagnier’s purification process found only one, p24. Where and how did he come up with others? At time 58:15 in video, simulation video of this scary thing is in action! A boogeyman is eating the human body parts inside and turning it into another boogeyman!


Another picture of an HIV virus model comes from twisted imagination of someone.

Here is another highlighted inconsistency:
Molecules on the surface of the cell and knob of the virus connects, according to the infection theory. The guts of the internal components of the virus enter the cell. Outrageous video pictures of a spring and scary rusty looking unknown objects enter like horror movie of childish imagination. It contains genetic information in the form of RNA. Viruses are assembles of organic molecules that consist of some short strands of RNA or DNA encapsulated within a protein shell. They are often referred to as if they were living organisms, but they don't meet the criteria for living things. The knobs are not present in all the debris of black and white picture of what was identified as HIV virus. In addition, only about 2 out of 20 blots (like ink blots) have some 2 or 3 knobs as opposed to having many uniform pattern of knobs in model pictures.

hiv-protein-virus knob2

At time 1:13:35 in video, infected cell particles and non-infected particles look the same. All pictures are ambiguous and deceptive, 1:15:40.

At time 1:18:47 - shows so-called purified HIV virus. Eleni Papadopoulos, medical scientist, criticizes that the band that contains HIV is not unique because the non-infected sample contains debris in that “band” (volume mark) in the test tubes. What do they do after seeing various diluted marks of debris in those test tubes? How to they get them out layer by layer to look at them under the electron microscope? The debris are all over the test tube, violating their own flawed “purifying method” with beans. Here is an allusive responses from Montagnier about his claim in obtaining “purified” HIV virus: “we [found] some somewhere but they were not of interest.” This is the most crucial interest to anyone. Lamest answer anyone can give. Below image contains words from electron-microscope scientists who worked on Montagnier HIV discovery project.

"We have never seen virus particles [HIV] in the purified virus [gradient]. What we have seen all the time was celluar debris, no virus particles [HIV]." Nobel Prize Winner Lou Montagnier HIV testimony, War on Lie

HIV-AIDS Investigation Part 2: The Origin of Lies - 100 min

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Date: 6/08/2023
Subjects: HIV, AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Nobel Prize Winning Lies of Lou Montagnier and Robert Gallo
ID: Article 11-B.

WoL will appends key resources and points to Article 11 above and call it Article 11, B here. All retrovirus have international patent numbers, meaning they are copy righted. If it's a naturally existing substance, how can anyone copy right it? The clowns who filed patents have legal battle records as well. Anyone with functional intellect would be alarmed about these facts and would treat it with contempt to those behind it. HIV's existence has been contested publicly by well-known international scientists, and big international events like Geneva World AIDS Conference 1998. Many mainstream TV channels, newspapers, and media outlets did not cover these important events, but always covered and exaggerated anything that would trigger great public fear. Eleni Eleopulos, Biophysicist, and many other scientists have repeatedly demanded and pointed out that HIV was never isolated [or proven], even with the official guidelines in the field of virology, although those guidelines are highly unscientific and ridiculous. Electron microscopy scientists pointed out that electron microscope have existed for 15 years but they didn't want to bother using it only until recently about two years before the video was made. "We are uncovering the lies with electron microscope. No HIV there, but human protein and cellular debris." Testing procedures is nothing but trying to identify proteins, which were NEVER proven to be anatomy of HIV particle but human proteins. Humans would have at least one of those so-called HIV protein in their body [or anti-body] systems, so test kit producers start making up criteria, such as if 3, 4, or 5 is found, the person is positive. This criteria became known to people only recently. Conditions of how many must be found varied in different countries ridiculously. Poor ignorant people [including infants] went through trauma, and painful treatments and some died from treatment drugs. Twenty eight diseases that existed before HIV are now identified to have caused by HIV or any illness may be tagged to HIV and all drugs to treat them and killer HIV drugs (chemotherapies) are given to patients. So-called testing experts would tell the patients that they got HIV from flu or flu vaccine, arthritis, hepatitis b vaccine, malaria, tuberculosis, leprosy, or even from malnutrition (HIV positive). We can see any disease will be pull out from anywhere to prove the HIV positive test, although its existence could never be proven. It was a fairy-tale patented product of attention-seeking jesting irresponsible doctors like Lou Montagnier and Robert Gallo, the boys who cried wolf. Back to content.

1989-98 Challenges on Existence of HIV - 10 min

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Everyone Can be HIV Positive- 10 min
There is no reliable way to test HIV. All various HIV test kits have warning on the box that they are just bogus. "I don't think anyone should be tested because I don't know what it means and no one knows", Robert Da Prato, MD, USA Arm Services HIV Testing Specialist. We all should be extremely concern and shocked if a special doctor like Robert Prato makes a statement like above. Crooked medical staff can always allude to HIV for any kind of disease nowadays.
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Preposterous Western Blot HIV Confirmation Test- 10 min
This test is looking for some combination of dogmatic preposterous 9 HIV proteins, which were really human proteins from cell debris. Everyone could have at least one or as many as five and all nine of those proteins for they are likely to be found in human antibody systems. Different nations make up different number of those proteins needed to be called HIV Positive. Thus, someone can be legally classified HIV positive in one nation, but not in the other ridiculously. Again, those proteins were just handful Dr. Lou Montagnier bothered to document, but he unreasonably ignored many others in the his test tube. He ignored them possibly because he wanted to speed up producing his bogus medical paper and did not want to wait for many other samples to give to electron microscope scientists. Note all the electron microscopists made a statement that all they found were just human proteins and cell debris. How did they become HIV proteins all of the sudden?
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Nobel Prize Winner Kerry Mullis Debunked HIV- 20 min
WoL will caution you on confusion this video interview may seem to keen viewer. Note Dr. Kerry Mullis is talking very casually to his interviewer and not having detail plans like lessons and organized themes. The following topics, and keywords are beyond the scope of this article to cover (hopefully, WoL will cover them in future articles):
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), and Chain Reaction with Immune Systems.

Lou Montagnier admitted there is no scientific reference in his claim of discovering HIV. "[HIV treatments] cost millions and billions of dollars a year… lives are ruined on the basis of some flimsy little statement made by a guy who is known to be a crook in lots of other ways. He lied about a whole a lot of other stuff. Why do we trust him?” Dr. Mullis describes doctors to be like conspirators (religious cult). "Drugs may be the cause of AIDS." Dr. Peter Duesberg is penalized and ostracized because of saying that. Failed drugs to treat cancer (chemotherapies) conveniently is redirected to treat AIDS instead of throwing it away. “If you take (chemotherapies), hopefully it will kill cancer before it will kill you in about 14 days. The way to get rid of AIDS or cure it is to stop funding it [ and all the crooked doctors, scientists, and pharma companies in the world will disappear with AIDS epidemic]. The academy of science is just a bunch of idiots just like everybody else”, said Dr. Mullis.
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Finally Words from Dr. Lou Montagnier Nobel the Prize Winner for "Discovering" the Bogus HIV- 4 min

Dr. Montagnier the liar talking about what’s causing HIV and how to get rid of it. Surprisingly he’s not saying HIV virus is causing disease [illness and AIDS] and there is nothing the patients can do about but take vaccine. He says eat well, get strong, and be clean and your body will get rid of it! Interestingly, he talks about Bill Gates and implies that Bill Gates is the problem who makes the simple matter worse. "Building the immune system is the important aspect, but people [idiot Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci] always think of drugs and vaccines", shockingly simple truthful words from Montagnier the liar who produced fake HIV virus paper that shook the world. He’s kind of mocking Dr. Anthony Fauci in this video with a big laugh in the end. He might be thinking in his laugh, “look at that greedy pathetic clown Fauci, he fell for the bullshit I wrote and spending his life following the bullshit.” He continued and asked, "so this is a message which may be different from what you heard [from Fauci or other idiots] before, no?" The whole story seems like Dr. Montagnier produced some medical paper casually, but the dangerous opportunists like Fauci, Center of Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), Bill Gates, and all kinds of evil scumbags took his paper, exaggerated to unimaginable level, and put Dr. Montagnier in the spotlight to play out their scams from the shadows.
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The Great HIV-AIDS Debate Review and Analysis


Prof. Dr. Peter Duesberg

Date: 8/2/2023
Subjects: HIV, AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV Historic Debate.
ID: Article 11-C.

The rare historic debate video below is appended as Article 11- C, to have firm background. The readers will have very advanced sense of knowledge already in watching this video if they understand the preceding Article 11, and 11-B. We will feel Professor Peter Duesberg seems afraid, uncomfortable, unknowledgeable or restrained in the debate.
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: The most common HIV tests use blood to detect HIV infection. The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) tests a patient's blood sample for antibodies. Oral fluid (not saliva), collected from the cheeks and gums, may also be used to perform an ELISA.

The Western Blot HIV Test

separates the blood proteins and detects the specific proteins (called HIV antibodies) that indicate an HIV infection. The Western blot is used to confirm a positive ELISA, and the combined tests are "99.9% accurate" (claimed).

The Southern Blot HIV Test

is a molecular technique to find target DNA sequences in a sample. It is the counterpart of Western Blot HIV Test, which is used to detect proteins. Details at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_blot. Regardless of the details procedures in how the sample DNA from patient is collected in both the Western Blot and Southern Blot, they will try to match up to insilico HIV genome (fake computer made-up HIV genome).

HIV P24 Antigen Test:

The HIV p24 antigen is the most abundant HIV protein and is essential for assembly of the capsid that encases HIV genetic material (claimed). Detection of the HIV p24 antigen is used clinically to diagnose early HIV infection, during which HIV-specific antibodies are not yet detectable. Back to content.

Remember how Dr. Montagnier, and his predecessor Dr. Gallo came up with 9 HIV proteins (cell debris from unveriable origins). CDC or the pharma companies do not recommend as a standalone test for HIV diagnosis with any tests described here, but do multiple ones and will still have their disclaimer thrown in to dodge responsiblities. After reading through the Article 11 above analysis points, and watching the video, to answer the opening of the debate point, “the definition of AIDS” would be the crushing winning point for those who oppose AIDS virus existence. The HIV antagonists, especially Professor Duesberg should not play into CDC definition, but rather challenge and highlight the flaws in the definition, since he is being ask to define on his own. At that time, he was researching and trying to understand what was HIV/AIDS and probably alone in intellectual-support sense. A question was thrown to him (14:03), "a man who is HIV positive, he wants to have sex with a woman, could you tell him, it is ok to have sex without using a condom?" He seemed very afraid of legal consequences. He should have responded to the it easily and safely, "give me a grant and I will study to authenticate that may be a false assumption." He is not very articulated and quick thinking.

The definition of HIV/AIDS is “when the CDC test says someone has HIV and that virus has been proven to exist”. Informative scholars would know tests are bogus with irresponsible disclaimers attached, and that the viruse has never been proven. Surprisingly, the HIV antagonists of the debate do not pivot around these key points but play into the nonsense of the further points. The animation clips at time 4:50 are dead-give-away nonsense that a cleaver quick-thinking articulated person can jump on to challenge the authenticity. The subject about testing HIV/AIDS comes alive at 18:58 by Dr. Steven Jonas and Dr. Mark Kaplan (the CDC supporter) responds by saying, “originally the test only measure the antibody, but we have far-more sophisticated test nowadays that measure both the present of the antibody, one can cultivate the virus, and by using standard tissue cell culture mechanism to demonstrate the active RNA from the virus and even DNA from the virus by genetic mechanism”. Mr. James M Scutero the Journalist asks, “What are those mechanisms? Like PCR?” He is probably the most intelligent, most honest, and most respectable person on that meeting table. Dr. Mark Kaplan answers, “PCR is one of [them] , southern blotting using different methodology, p24 antigen test [that] measure the gag the protein of the virus, which is such protein as [HIV].” Mr. James M Scutero responds with holding up in his hand the scientific publication paper he comes prepared with to show (20:10), “Eliza testing, western blot testing, PCR, and p24 antigen testing is not synonymous with HIV infection that the proteins that are detected by these tests are not specific and endemic to HIV.” The debate seems controlled or censored. His response becomes faded away. Note this debate was done long ago or before where the concise organized info like Article 11 and resources and the people in it were not popular then. Pay attention on Professor Duesberg because he is one of the original pioneer heroic scientists who suffers a great deal of career hardship and oppression from the invisible crooks. He seems alone in this debate while those on the same side as him are mere agnostic. All he has to do is to point out that Dr. Bob Gallo and Dr. Lou Montagnier downplay science when they claim to have discovered HIV. The virus has never been isolated and the 9 proteins that are dubbed as HIV virus proteins are mere cell debris. “Immunodeficiency, which grows over the years, [may be natural effect to the people who neglect themselves and let themselves grow weak], Richard Horton, MD, the North America journal editor suggests nothworhty point and complains the layout of the discussion is flawed. The rest of the video is nonsense and nothing new we can learn from because Article 11, and 11B above have covered them all in clear organized concise presentation.

The Great HIV-AIDS Debate of 6/26/1994 - 75 min

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Genocidal HIV Stigma


Prof. Dr. Stefan Lanka, PhD in Microbiolog

Date: 8/7/2023
Subjects: HIV Genocide, AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, ATZ, HIV victim testimonies.
ID: Article 11-D.

✠ War 💣 on ☠ Lies ⚔ (WoL) states on Article 11 above “outrageous absurdities in HIV tests and treatment cases”. Now in this subsequence Article 11-D, we will document real victim testimonies in prominent countries, and specific cases that justified the words “outrageous horrendous tragedies in shambles”. We will learn lessons, prepare, and unite. The stories contain henceforth portray the battlefield of angles and demons if one can see in deeper spiritual sense. The video contains within this article subtly induces the emotions. WoL focuses on facts, hidden info, implications (clues), scientific and educational lessons and learning, and being a catalyst to organize and gather scattered truth seekers, and righteous people, but we are also very sensitive to the emotions. This video flows in scenes that manipulate the viewer’s emotions, as our analyst Christopher McGrath (aawisdom.org) found, which may cause some viewers to overlook the key words above in WoL intentions. The advantage of the video media is that we can see the people, scenes, and other truthful facts visually and can follow up with authentications. Creating video does not have strict rules in compositions as in written publications and documentations. WoL will not burden the readers with raw data, deep scholarly written resources, and rigorous-to-follow-and-authenticate links about subtle info, but we will present the important resources available, in case someone wants to spend times diving deeper into them. WoL scholar, analyst, reporter, scientist, or call it what you please, will always have those tasks done before publishing the articles. We (✠ War 💣 on ☠ Lies ⚔) uphold the truths. We carefully do all the works in the background activities before we publish articles to ensure the authenticity and truth. Back to content.

We begin with the undeniable statement from great heroic scientist Dr. Stefan Lanka, PhD in Microbiology, “if we as a society do not do something about this, we cannot consider ourselves human and we will also have no future” (1:08:34). Dr. Stefan Lanka coming to the light or the side of truth from being a fearmongering virologist to a truth-saying oppression-hating scholar, very similar to the Paul the Apostle in the Bible. Austrian professor Fritz Pohl sparks the light of his. Noteworthy to mention he talks about virus to virologist professors, and some give him a feedback of their skepticism of a virus. In other words, not all virologists are blind selfish harmful maniac fools pursuiting false personal ego and wealth, but a few who pursuit and respect the truths exist-- surprisingly. Remember Professor Dr. Stefano Scoglio suggests, “their business should be closed down” (WoL Article 16, Part 5).

Dr. Stefan Lanka, PhD in Microbiology, War on Lie

The details lives of some of the victims may have a lot of flaws and immoralities. They get caught in the HIV fears, which is fears of their own and policies created from fears of others in society which will subjugate them to be victims. The story presentation of the victim lives do not have smooth development, but with a lot of holes, which the video editor does very good job in hiding. Regardless of these people detail behaviors and their lifestyles, the stories are real, the people are real, and evil life snares they get caught in are real. We cannot allow this because the other righteous ones and innocent babies will also get caught in the evil lies, the life snares. No one can do God’s work by lying! All lies (big or small, harmless or deadly) serve the devil.

The Victim Barbara Seebald (see the video for details) goes on living over 25 years, despite being told by an HIV expert doctor that she would die in 4 years. Stoppage from taking AZT saves her life, which she figures out the deadliness of it by herself. In addition, she rightly figures out “HIV test reacts to various things, but most suddenly not the antibody of a virus”. There is no such thing as “antibody of a virus” because that virus’ real genome codes were never identified and the other attributes of it could never be distinguished from cell debris, and were in fact proven to be cell debris by the great Dr. Stefan Lanka in his recreating the HIV cell culture experiment. The German criminal justice system accuses her wrongly and puts her in prison, violating the God given mother-child relationship taking her daughter away, abusing the baby and attempting to cause death via feeding AZT.

margaret-hackler-and-virologist-robert-gallo, War on Lie
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AIDS became publicized by politicians in the USA, appearing again in this article video as in the image above, not by science world and scientists. WoL importantly stating this again in repetition from , WoL Article 16, Part 4, first line, Dr. David Rasnick, PhD in Biochemistry, stating it. No scientist was allowed to question this information. German Federal Minister of Health called it as a “scientific consensus” 20 years later, which is just another term for a dogma, or in truth a hearsay repeater. When the German Federal Minister of Health faces legal challenges, it gives the twisted phrase turning the words “scientific consensus” into “scientific proof” magically, no one in the world has ever proven it. The implications and consequences of these events and actions turned the whold Germany to incriminating its citizens relating to court cases involving HIV virus. Germany has something similar to the CDC of the USA called Robert Koch Institute.

Leaders in the Germany knew HIV existence has not been proven, but they blatantly point fingers to people who died of various diseases and make unreasonable argument that “the HIV must be the cause and some original carrier [of virus] was spreading it because the people who tested negative before tested positive, said President Rita Sussmuth of German Parliament 1995.” How about Magic Johnson, the famous US NBA basketball player, who tested negative, then positve, and then negative again? President Rita Sussmuth of German Parliament 1995 made such preposterous shameless illogical rhetoric, openly suggesting AIDS as a scapegoate to blame to solve all the problems is better alternative than to try to figure out the turth. How did these kinds of extremely unreasonable stupid people become leaders in politics? The people-- of both the good and bad who elected her. Someone who says anything as blatantly stupid as this should be impeached immediately and thrown into prison for arrogant stupidity, such as this is the real cause of numerous deaths that can become visible and only be mourned and rationalized at much later times. Turning the blind eyes to the devious populations like gay communities, seedy wanton drug addicts, and evil behaviors of others will only encourage the grip of evil in the society to destroy all other righteous ones along with them later-- important lesson to learn .

Women become subjugated to preposterous HIV tests during their pregnancy and other situations in their lives. This disgusting test produces legal status for them to sign away all their rights when they are tested positive. The right for the sexual partner or husband to sue them with criminal case where prison time and state-control life awaits henceforth. The right for the state to take the babies away and put them in a life-style called quarantine, which is similar to prison life for innocent children. The system implies preference for the babies never to be born or die quickly from HIV positive mother. The mother will have no right to breastfeed the baby and will not be able to stop the state from trying to force feed her the deadly poison called AZT, deadly drug the lying lowlife Dr. Faucci selected as HIV treatment. Other innocent children are forced to eat this poison too. The state knew it would kill them sooner or later, but prefer sooner anyway. There are babies with life-long bodily damages who survived by the Grace of Life Force. If each innocent baby (living or dead) is allowed to cast a stone about one centimeter in diameter, the amount of stones totaling to land on Faucci and all others who are responsible can kill them for 10, 000 times fold deaths. The Lord Christ says, “let anyone who is without sin cast the first stone”. All these babies are qualified to do so!

Here is the scientific evidence never investigated to this day: why are these poor victim pregnant women who tested HIV positive cannot infect the husband when they continue to live respectfully together for many years and continue to have sex thousands of times? This is an answer to the question where poor Prof. Dr. Peter Duesberg was in threatening fearful position to answer at the Article 11-C (14:03). Pregnant women produced enormous amount of antibodies to gift to the baby to survive in tough world. Idiot scientists who claim to be the master of life have no idea about the meaning of those antibodies’ genome compositions, specific function, the purpose, the adaptability to transform to something else, and many other possibilities, origins, and outcomes. Stupid people fears anything they do not understand and start lying about it when they are in a position to explain so. These “masters-of-life” scientists conveniently say, “you have all kinds of antibodies (weapons and wars) going on in your body, something must be attacking your body and that you are under an HIV virus attack!” In truth, the mother’s body is miraculously equipping the baby fetus’s body with weapons called antibodies to fight before it goes out in the world.

Prof. Dr. Peter Duesberg does not focus on contending the authenticity of the HIV virus existence, but rather he studies vigorously about the AZT drug. He can take a very strong position on it, and he is very knowledgeable at the time, when no one dares to challenge or have much idea about the AZT drug. Smart people like Karri Stokely (12:15) figure out the truths by themselves anyway. She cries out in the video that she hopes someone starts to listen. We are all listening, agreeing, supporting, and preparing ourselves to do something! Back to content.

“HIV tests measure someone’s antibody activities in immune system. Antibodies are activated or very active when someone is sick, doing drugs, have vaccination, [or pregnant]. This can be mistaken for an HIV virus” (14:00), said German doctor Christl Meyer.

AXSYM-system-HIV-test kit, War on Lie

At present there is no recognized standard for establishing the presence or absence of antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2 in human blood, a garbage disclaimer from AXSYM system HIV test.

Dr. Lanka says, “There is a test that measures proteins; if I have a lot of proteins in my bloodstream, I am positive. These are the so-called antibody tests. A pregnant woman’s blood contains a lot [antibody] proteins because the mother passes a lot of proteins to her child biologically. The people who make these decisions regarding test results know this. On the brochure for a patient seeking HIV test, a statement says HIV test gives you certainty. [The test results are ultimately human deciding who has HIV and who is not, but not as though allusively stated on the brochure as if independent automated process determines the result.] This is the secret of the whole matter (15:08).” Back to content.

adopted-romanian-AIDS-victim, War on Lie

The above is a picture of an “adopted-Romanian” girl Linsey destined to die from AZT drugs who grew up to be a beautiful healthy young woman sitting on the right hand of the famous front-line soldier Dr. Peter Duesberg, who stood up and fought in virology world. We can see the authenticity of the case by having a video of all of them sitting together on the table with Prof. Dr. Peter Duesberg. ✠ War 💣 on ☠ Lies ⚔ (WoL) gives a lot of credits and commends Prof Dr. Duesberg for his genuine kind caring behaviors and saving a human life. Back to content.

adopted-romanian-AIDS-victim and Dr. Duesberg, War on Lie

“We wrote to Peter Duesberg after [taking] 40 days of this horrible pain [AZT]. He wrote back immediately and said, ‘you must take your daughter off AZT immediately [because it] is why she is having the horrible pains and all the problems’. She was very skinny. Her arms were about [one inch or less]. She regained 28% of her body weights within two months”, the mother testifies.

adopted-romanian-AIDS-victim and Dr. Duesberg, War on Lie

AZT drug kills the precious t-cells, the guarding soldiers of the body’s defense system. “AZT kills the bone marrow and lymphatic system of the colon, [which] are organs of the immune system, [implying] it weakens the immune system and leads to AIDS,” says Dr. Irina Sazonova (41:20). The female doctor [whose name undisclosed] who treats the adopted baby girl above and makes the girl take AZT claims she attended 12 HIV funerals in 1993 alone, scaring the patient to take the drug she has no idea about. Back to content.

muriel-baby-girl-HIV-AZT-victim, War on Lie

Muriel the baby girl takes AZT at four months, which injured her left leg permanently. “Here, in Germany, we have certain amount of freedom. Because of the belief that HIV is deadly and so dangerous, we don’t always have the freedom to make decisions for ourselves and our children”, says a grandmother of a victim baby (19:34). Back to content.

The victim name Line has a case of husband suing her for criminal charge and she went to prison for 2 years (26:15). Her personal lifestyle, honesty, and morality are irrelevant to consider. Her husband who tested positive became negative. He has 5 more wives with 7 children, none of them have HIV. How do we resolve this case? What about the prison time that Line served? The child was born in prison and subjugated as HIV patient and AZT treatment. She testifies that they are victims and they are tricked, which is true.

Women in Russia do abortion, and suicide when they are told of HIV positive status. A wise mother of a Russian mother victim Tatyana says, “lots of money is involved. It’s just business (38:35).” She is not entirely wrong in saying it with her loving emotions and her past little readings. They courageously make a decision to keep the baby while many others have committed suicide or aborted. An innocent child was taken to a “prison”.
Russian victim Tatyana testifies a clue, “Article by Ageev in Orenburg newspaper says, ‘There is no AIDS’ and that the drug AZT causes death (43:18). WoL researched into this clue and found much information. The article was by Russian KGB, secret service similar to FBI. The US and Russia collaborated to address the HIV pandemic efforts, but within three years, Russia abruptly stopped all collaborations and started printing articles that denied AIDS in Russia and other countries. They did their homework and figured out some truths. Remarkably, the made-in-USA AZT drug was the choice of treatment for HIV in Russia and all over the world. Why could they not or did they not invent their own drug? WoL tried researching into this topic and ran into too many unverifiable conspiracy-implicating articles and sources, therefore, this sub-topic will be left for other interested readers to dive in deeper, but looking into it is not necessary. Surprisingly Russian KGB agents have printed that HIV/AIDS was conspiracy act orchestrated together by the US government and the US pharma companies, archived in the URL below:

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They printed in accusatory and suspicion mode (which the US mainstream media, and others call propaganda), instead of presenting clear fact, but no one would get any definite info and fact for such hot topics anyways-- truths take time to come out. The Russian accusations were not entirely wrong. The US government had no business in medical-health welfare of other nations. Any sensible person can guarantee the humanitarian workers, UN workers, and the WHO workers would very well contain CIA agent spies. The existence of the World Health Organization (WHO) and its functionalities are irrelevant, unscientific, immoral, and oppressive. Again, Rockefellers founded the WHO to make vaccines for viruses. We know clearly now how viruses and vaccines work (if not, read all the WoL articles), and we know there is no saintly holy angelic intention in all these activities. The question to consider is whether there will be political motives, activities against foes of the USA. Any logical thinking person would see the "yes" in the answer. HIV may not be a biological-weapon virus (WoL Article 17), but its fear-inducing ability to disorient a stability of a country is undeniable. The link below give us some clues in Russian media publications in 1990s.

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Beware that these articles are old. War 💣 on ☠ Lies ⚔ provides the URLs, but do not recommend reading all and drowning in the out-of-date articles. They are long and disorganized to read, and they are translated to English. Thorough reading and analysis is not performed, but ideas give out to final destination to arrive at present time 2023 Wol Article 11 conclusions, “HIV/AIDS is a hoax unproven virus and viruses are not real". Sergey Makarov, the contributor and author of the above URL did the work to know enough then that ATZ was causing real disease AIDS, not HIV virus; many other diseases were wrongly dubbed AIDS; and he got in contact with some of the famous heroic doctors and scientists explicitly identified in WoL Article 16 and other WoL articles. Dr. Irina Sazonova in Russia was figuring out the truths and was in touch with Sergey as well. They were not as advance as figuring out that viruses and virology itself are a hoax as we did at present time.

WoL will present Dr. Irina Sazonova of Russia publication in whole, which were all in consistent harmony with WoL articles, but beware that WoL articles are more complete and modern, but Dr. Sazonova at the time was not able to figure out the whole truth about the viruses and virology.

What HIV AIDS really is about in the Russian Federation

PDF file medical publication by Dr. Irina Sazonova of Russia Back to content.

Prison study case where a simulation of gay culture of San Francisco USA with homosexual sex, and drug usage including shared needles concluded with zero HIV (57:07). Victim Tamara testifies about threats from state implying she is not to be breast feeding her baby and that she is to be feeding deadly poison AZT. Tamara was mysteriously murdered later by unknown assailant (57:44). Dr. Irina Sazonova presents the reality as it is that HIV tests lead to genocide and violation of human rights (58:44). In comparison, Karri Stokely dies, but Barbara Seebald lives because Karri continues to seek mainstream doctors and drugs for her health issues while Barbara learns well and finds healing knowledge and methods from nature (1:15:50). Giving someone a mortal fear is evil behavior, [which the government believers do it in fear of HIV]. It can prove real fatal outcome to poor victims who believed it (1:04:00), Dr. Lanka said it in similar way. A doctor having the ability to tell the patients when they will die or harmful disease will intensify irresponsibly without legal consequence needs fixing. A doctor afterall is a legally regulated professional; therefore, legal accountability with consequences should be binding to serious words as giving someone a mortal fear .

At time 1:09:13, anonymous woman testifies that sick Africans were branded as HIV patients by crooked doctors who gets money to do so, which means the poor patients will get their dose of death the ATZ drugs to “cure” their sickness which is not HIV. This is made in USA modern genocide (Anthony Faucci, Bill Gates, and other CDC scumbags are behind it). Furthermore at 1:10:40, the German news article shows CDC recommending the homosexuals to take HIV drugs, which is true (here at WoL, we check the information authenticity before publishing). We can see detail descriptions of contemptuous child abduction from mother by state authorities by deception, and force, (20:01). “This is the most bestial thing that history has ever seen,” Dr. Lanka.

Statement from ✠ War 💣 on ☠ Lies ⚔ Back to content.
WoL states a great lesson for all to learn that all great persecutions, violations of freedom, and killing activities of any country’s government in the world were always accomplished by a paranoia of cleaver lie(s) manifesting into killing or death, not by some tangible maniac serial killer coming to power and start killing everyone. Do not be afraid of death, but living an ignorant oblivious imprisoned life. How could fear of anything become as so great as to subjugate, abuse, and violate the right of babies’ freedom to live? Usually the fear to highlight in any case is always anonymous ambiguous entity. Those who are so afraid of the unknown have the responsibility to face it, study the truth, and overcome it, but they always find someone else to take care of their fear, a political representative, who also has no idea about it like HIV virus, but starts talking all kinds of positions, proposals, and solutions like President Rita Sussmuth of German Parliament 1995. Here are the principles to live by to withstand such evil:

Unite with other truthful, capable people to form alliance besides occupying your times with family only and time-wasting degenerate friends. Know each other contacts, keep emergency funds (like 25:10) for legal talks as well as war efforts, keep a standing force with arms, but don’t waste time and money being selfish. Most people are selfish. They want to be all alone somewhere in their private delusional world when they are rich failing to realize the social connections and responsibilities; they want to be traveling around and not be a part of geographical location they live; and they want to be doing drugs. They don’t know anything much but don’t want to learn anything much; some live in personal hells they create within their ridiculous broken false relationships they call families and be not a part of the community. Communication is very important. Learn and know the language. Keep the truths as the main standard in the differences, not ego, stupidity, fear, and weaknesses. Realize the different between the private matter and public matter. Tell your stories/situations to others and seek ideas how to handle them correctly. Don’t live a little private-hell life or suffer a private hell alone when a great force like government or state comes to violate you. War 💣 on ☠ Lies ⚔ is Recruiting. Join by contacting. Everyone has useful value to contribute in some way. We want to get in touch with HIV stigmatized victims. We want to help. In addition, we like to publish your story. We have an experimental project to disprove HIV virus in our way, where we need your help too. The evil hides in ambiguity and make the effects seem accidental. A mound of sand on a beach is made of many individual grain of sands. We will identify the major causes for the formation and scrutinize grain by grain to identify the evil.

Note: Sentences ending with crusader symbol “✠” are WoL suggestions of the important lessons to learn.
WoL encourages the readers to visit "Question Everything" youtube channel, Question Everything.
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Genocidal HIV Stigma - 80 min

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In-depth View of Oppressors and the Oppressed, and the Liars and the Challengers


Truth Defending Scientists and others

Date: 8/11/2023
Subjects: HIV-AIDS Origin and Chronicles in Depth, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
ID: Article 11-E.

The following video gives in-depth look into the HIV virus origin and chronicles in oppressors and the oppressed, and the liars and the challengers. WoL Article 11 focuses on scientific facts and explores into details, but this one gives better idea about in-person scene about interactions between the good and evil. Bob Gallo may be evil pawn of crooked pharma scheme and political crooks, but we can see he displays very strong character with words and actions. He is quick-thinking, very articulated, and bold with his insolence when he wants to shut other up. His greatest adversary Prof. Dr. Peter Duesberg is everything opposite of all those strong attributes. In addition, Prof. Dr. Peter Duesberg may be having self-conflicts within, such as choosing his job and income versus embracing the whole truths. His talks (10:18) here and in other resources reveal he understands very well cell culture and other steps in the methods to produce and “see” the virus (WoL Articles 16, 13, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2) is wrong and nonsense, but he never publically states retroviruses are nonsense like other big-force scientists in his field like Dr. Stefan Lanka, PhD in Microbiology, Dr. David Rasnick, PhD in Biochemistry, Dr. Stefano Scoglio, PhD in Biochemistry. All heroes stated in Article 16 suffer career damages, financial losses or not making money to their fullest potential had they not embraced the truths. Prof. Dr. Peter Duesberg says, “AZT is the terminator of DNA synthesis” [without which life is not possible] (4:22). Prof. Dr. Peter Duesberg view of HIV is never rejecting the experiment of Lou Montagnier and Robert Gallo as bogus cell debris, but rather “it doesn’t matter what it may be (it’s dormant and always sleeping), it’s harmless and not a killer virus causing AIDS, AZT is causing it. Only in cell culture it is 'active'. There is no parasite that I know of among [anything] that acts like this" (10:18). This statement has a lot of conflicts and inconsistencies. A clever articulated person can easily realize it and can challenge to reveal his secret inner conflict. There are many people at that time who were openly saying Lou Montagnier and Robert Gallo never found the HIV virus in electron microscope pictures, or isolated and prove its existence, but Prof. Dr. Peter Duesberg never talks that way. All his talks were attacking the treatments, and drugs, especially the AZT, of HIV virus.

Virus is not a living organism, but a particle that contains mRNA code that “slips” into a cell when it touches a living cell and then comes alive, according to the definition of the believers. They are describing like it is some kind of living organism with a thinking brain to know where to hide in the human body where human’s antibodies will not detect and kill it. Note Prof. Dr. Peter Duesberg mentions virus to be an organism. There is no way to test for HIV because all the tests are based on indirect “matters” (proteins), none [of those matters] have been proven that they are [in fact HIV proteins] (11:47). Misinterpretation of these proteins are the roots of the whole problems in the world for 25 years (12:58). Note HIV virus does not require to live at specific body part, unlike other retroviruses virologist claimed to have discovered (12:18). The reason is because Lou and Robert made them to be as vague as possible, so no one would be able to agree or disagree [and question them immediately]. They let the time do the work in silencing other scientists and keep themselves unreachable, with their patents.

“Gay-related immune deficiency” is a very good term for HIV-AIDS in the beginning and it should have stayed that way in the world (15:48). A gay man comes forward in media and clarifies the pandemic status declarations are wrong because he knows very well that gay men live irresponsibly and obliviously welcome health hazards (17:21). Recreation drugs are the serious health threats, says Dr. Peter Duesberg (18:43). “Gay-related immune deficiency” is a behavior disease, not a contagious disease. Recreational drugs are chemicals that stay in the body that are not easily detoxified (19:44).

The US and French governments brokered Lou Montagnier and Robert Gallo patent disagreement in order to exploit it to solve the problem of finding scapegoat for surging illnesses (22:53)-- very unusual for the governments to get involved in an individual court case. 10 years for HIV to become active makes no sense. No one needs to be a scientist or doctor to realize it does not make sense. They work fast or never. They are very simple mechanisms that cannot live for more than 48 hours (26:23). Dr. Duesberg talking this way is making situations worse because he is accepting the existence of the retroviruses although we can see many others in the video are disputing them. Note he begins his sentence with “I believe” (25:44). We like to know what other viruses he thinks work (or exist) for sure. Channel 4 was brought before Broadcasting Complaint Commission (27:12). There are many other evidences of clues for a censorship and oppression, but we don’t want to look into details for we don’t focus on conspiracies, but scientific facts, lessons to learn, and information to increase our medical knowledge and understanding. None of those on high dose of AZT survived (27:37). AZT prevents cells from replicating. The cells that survived AZT made themselves become cancerous (or mutate), Dr. Robert Hoffman, Oncologist, who is cancer specialist doctor testifies. This makes sense because we know cancer is body’s way to store away the toxin, (WoL A10, 13, 18). Now we can understand why Karri Stokely’s stomach in previous video form a hole. The stomach tissues need to be rapidly replicating (healing) to stay ahead of digesting itself mildly all the time. Another descriptions about the AZT and other HIV drugs causing mutations in/on the body is at 49:50. ATZ eating testimony from a patient who died states:

At first, it’s good. I gained weight, [he thinks the drug is working to rid of his disease]. In four weeks headache came, dizziness and obnoxious [feeling] came, upset stomach and nothing (food or anything) taste right, hurting so bad, it destroyed my hope for living (30:16).

Some video activities of “AIDS: A Different View”, 1992, a conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands are at 33:27. First time Lou Montagnier says, “you don’t die if you have HIV.” Remember WoL captured quotes, “eat well, get strong, and be clean and your body will get rid of it!” Furthermore, he says “we did not purify it. Well of course we looked for it [but we couldn’t find it] (38:50). At time 36:44 a reporter talking to Dr. Lou Montagnier, the reporter says that Rous (chicken virus) has been purified. We looked into this claim from this unidentified reporter, but nothing substantial to authenticate this vague quick claim to further explore. At 38:02 -- 1992 Berlin World AIDS conference, a scientist describes the conference as if going into a war with list of frightening keywords reflects the descriptions of the Russian KGB claims in previous parts of this article. The statement and question at 40:33 implies the HIV virus Bob Gallo presented is bogus and the scientific community knows it. They need funding to disprove him and figure out the truths about the real causes of diseases that are labeled as AIDS. The time has arrived for him to stop taking in all the money to make dangerous “antiviral” drugs AZT and others HIV drugs. He answers, “I don’t think you know what you are talking about. You are wrong.” He continues, “I don’t influence funding. I am not a director of the institute.” He is referring to the famous genocidal maniac Dr. Anthony Faucci here. “If you don’t believe [my work], do your own work and don’t bother me.” A lot of touchy demands come from the Robert Gallo and his pro HIV group to not take videos, and pictures of them. Robert Gallo comes to the conference with three professional bodyguards. Many people who are legitimately inside are told to leave by the police because of the words they say. They give undeniable testimonies that they are up against multi-billion dollars organizations and governments-- not scientists to scientists in free discussion and info-trading environment. This gathering is just a charades to appear as discussion or debate, but more like a subpoena from invisible world-dominating entities about their vulgar display of power-- an intimidation, and expression of expectation for submission. Another highlight statment from Dr. Bob Gallo himself at 52:03:

I know you are a “Duesbergite” (he invents the word to belittle or insult); I know which way you are barking at (comparing the speaker as a dog); I don’t want to hear it. Anybody can see a retrovirus and can tell the difference. [He is expressing a misleading idea as if the retroviruses are easily recognizable in the test tube via mere eyesight while all the professional electron microscopists cannot see them. He’s contradicting himself.]

A testimony appears that the West tries to sell toxic drugs (namely AZT) in Africa (57:22.) The West namely is only the USA--no other countries in the world made AZT or HIV drugs at the time. Is “the West” (USA) trying to sell or tricking them to take the drugs free, so they will die. Of course someone pays for AZT drugs, which the costs come from the US government money printing capabilities, the congressional bill, which the insiders in pharmaceutical companies will absorb and go and distribute this poison in Africa, where the poor ignorant stupid Africans do not pay to eat it and will soon die from it. Scientists who work in the HIV/AIDS labs have a lot of doubts, but no one dares to speak out in fear of losing their jobs or grant money (1:20:35). The HIV-AIDS science is turned into a religion. This topic about HIV-AIDS virus and all other virus topics are public health topics everyone should care about and take actions for the truths. These people we call clowns, evil pharma companies, and governments policies in the world make rules, laws, and regulations in the shadows base on seemingly ridiculous laughable clown people and scenes most people dismiss and don’t bother to care. Anyone can be labeled HIV positive, but the consequences have criminal laws coming down to a poor ignorant victim medical patient. The patient can and will be charged with aggravated sexual assault for having sex, or first degree murder. Some countries seek death penalty from HIV patients (1:25:27). Africans were stupid, other western people were ignorant or just degenerates, and communist Russia is evil. These are all typical justifications for uninformed person that HIV or virology is none of their business. They don’t know how much this evil lie is affecting their lives. Although it has been 20 years since HIV was declared pandemic, nothing has changed much. Back to content.

Oppressors and the Oppressed, and the Liars and the Challengers - 95 min

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The Tyranny of Dogma


Dr. David Rasnick, PhD in Biochemistry

Date: 8/13/2023
Subjects: PDF publication redefining science describing dangers of sinking scientific world, specific examples with HIV-AIDS stating problems and solutions.
ID: Article 11-F.

Dr. David Rasnick, PhD in Biochemistry, one of the highlighted heroic scientists in WoL Article 16, published an undeniable valuable scholarly material, covering subjects important and applicable to everyone. He clearly redefined science, especially in modern time when its definition seem rapidly fading and abused. “The Scientific Methods” that is taught in most science classes was never followed in Biology and most medical research activities, but Dr. David Rasnick points out further in details the new falsehood and abuse to notice in regards to separation of science and technology. Science is imprisoned within the US Government and its corrupt institutions with money printing power. Scientists are important people because they are special humans who are regarded as intelligent, and honest people. In the money captivated system, they are reduced to liars, and extremely unreasonably self-serving stupid dangerous people. Out of this flawed state controlled “truth pursuing profession” comes HIV-AIDS lies, genocides, persecutions, tragic innocent victims, and shockingly unacceptable events in regards to human rights and freedom. Dr. David Rasnick document details events of the list. We can see supplementing info to WoL articles and the previous parts of WoL Article 11 here. The US government and its corrupting are committing grave international atrocities as well as expressing their shameless remorseless actions with its stance on HIV-AIDS topics. He points out separation of state and science is necessary. Christopher McGrath, WoL scientist, annotates the PDF files for efficient reading. Key proposal highlights “the time is overdue for the separation of state and science”.

The Tyranny of Dogma

PDF file scientific publication by Dr. David Rasnick, PhD in Biochemistry Back to content.

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