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Heroic Scientists, Doctors, and Outrageous Fakers of Virology


Heroic Scientists of the World

Date: 6/26/2023
Subjects: Detail evolution of virology faking in science, politic, and society.
ID: Article 16.

WoL will present rigorous series with details on corruptions and lies in medical, political, social, and global fields, surrounding the topics of health, science, and virology. Detail highlights, references, and educational notes will be presented under each video in the series. This page contents will be dynamically accumulating until all five episodes is captured, analyzed, and documented.

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-Daniel Hawley

The Part 1

Heroic Scientists in Part 1:

Dr. Andrew Kaufman, MD,
Dr. Tom Cowan, MD,
Dr. Kary B. Mullis, PhD in Biochemistry and Nobel Prize Winner,
Dr. Stefan Lanka, PhD in Microbiology,
Celia Farber the AIDS Journalist,
Dr. Charles Creighton M.A., M.D. (1889),
Dr. Stefano Scoglio, PhD in Biochemistry,
Dr. David Rasnick, PhD in Biochemistry,
Dr. Mark Bailey, MD,
Dr. Kevin Corbett, PhD in Registered Nursing,
Dr. Harald Wallach, PhD in Science History,
Dr. Sam Bailey, MD,
Dr. Claus Kohnlein, MD,
Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, MD,
Dr. Pam Popper, PhD in ND,
Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD in Biomathematics,
Dr. Larry Palevsky, MD,

Evil Conspiring Villains:

Dr. Anthony Fauci,
Dr. Julie Gerberding,
Bill Gates (The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation),
Dr. Margaret Chan
Dr. John Enders
Dr. Lou Montagnier
Dr. Robert Gallo

WoL will make references back to Articles 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, and 13 that cover firmed foundation on these topics. There will be no repetitive highlights and key points written here. We can start to see the trends in this real world story. As the world evolves, the villains go in great lengths to seize opportunities at the expense of everyone to build far-reaching entity with evil agenda, whether directly or indirectly, to serve hell to everyone and themselves. This embodiment they build serves no one to win, except death and the devil. The people like Dr. Lou Montagnier (HIV virus faker), Dr. Robert Gallo (HIV virus faker), Dr. Kerry Mullis (PCR inventor), and Dr. John Enders (Polio virus faker) were just pawns. Kerry Mullis invention PCR Test was probably the most effective tool they used to extent of evil schemes and Dr. Mullis was probably the most unsuspecting innocent pawn. Other three described here were more like irresponsible clowns.

Fauci controls media, 11:00, and all informative people know by now (July 26, 2023), but we did not know he and the CDC have been controlling the media since 1980s or probably further back. Fauci cancelled a serious honest doctor’s meeting with media and he came on the show instead to talk about complete contrary lie. The deadly chemical poison called AZT to treat hoax HIV virus was Fauci’s idea. Insecticide causing disease was silent by media, but instead hoax idea with viruses and vaccines came to play.

Industrial contaminants, malnutrition, and pharma products caused polio, small pox, and HIV, but great conspirators shifted attention and blame all on fake virus concept made via pseudoscience.

Then came COVID on shocking scale of success to these conspirators in 2019. They have been planning this as spoken in the video or the idea materializes apparently from following the events and the "money".
flu vs COVID data comparison chart

COVID study gets sample from only 3 patients and sample size 10, which is a statistical taboo for a case study of great pandemic size crisis. How they look for virus not from pure fluid sample, but mix it with monkey cell culture and all other junks and spin it in their spinning machine is an insult to anyone's intelligence, 19:20.


Some hoax scientific publications have the audacity to proclaim the swap to take away fluid (snot or saliva) is virus isolation from the patient, 22:22, making mockery out of the serious scientific term the great honest scientists have been paying attention to. All methods, procedures, and actions on these pseudoscience papers violate Koch’s Postulate, firmed scientific standards set for medical studies in universities.

The mess they obtained, 24:35--25:08, taking swap, mix with monkey kidney cells, and make chemical reactions with other substances that will contain live and dead cells, they mix in spinner, then go under electron microscope to look at ambiguous ink-blot-like images to start claiming existence of virus. Dr. Stefan Lanka reproduces all the activities and obtains the same images without adding swap collection of the "virus" from the patient. They invent confounding absurd word “cytopathic effect”, which is the blending, or mixing with chemical and cells, and breakdown of the cells to describe why virus can only be found that way. Dr. Stefan Lanka, PhD, says, “They disprove themselves in their own writings.” Virus images printed on papers are completely made-up artist rendering. Incidentally, they would go register the patent of those images and any garbage words and ideas they wrote behind everyone. If someone makes a movie about a tiger attacking some cities, no one can claim "they stole my tiger". However, a godzilla is an imaginary creation of some Japanese film industries, who successfully sued some American film industries for copying their childish imaginative creation. The people did not know about the lawsuit cases argued in courtroom on trade-mark viruses, just like the godzilla case. The only difference in any of the human-discovered viruses in "cell cultures" and godzilla is that one is a huge monster that can only be seen on TV screens, and the other is incredibly small that it can only be seen in potently liars words with made-up images. Godzilla is very useful for scaring and entertaining small children. Any adult who is genuinely afraid of the godzilla is an amazing idiot.

The great liars did not trademark the word virus, but other keen scientists did not like the name nor want to use it. They correctly called it lipid-encased particles, 34:32. Incidentally, exosome is also another confusing word to describe the mess. Of course, you will have lipid-encased particles if you mix up all kinds of particles in lipid sucrose solution and put it in an unnatural motorized spinning power!

Not surprising to hear other kidney-specialist scientists comment, the viruses look like kidney particles because they put kidney cells in the mess.

Doc Cowan describes, 37:25, how they improvise to get the spike protein look. Outrageous stupidity and audacity in this action! Ordinary people do not know or care because they do not understand the nouns (names) in the descriptions and sentences the biologists always spout to make themselves look and sound smart. Biologists steal the word scientist from all other honest intellectual scholars. Most biologists are slow-dull scholars who cannot do math. Biologists who cannot learn physics, chemistry, and mathematics are not scientists but mere nonsensical hippies; any one who claims themselves to be scientist but cannot do math is a liar. Time 39:33 covers sequencing of virus and the reason they can never get the same. Previous WoL articles, such as Article 13, and 13B have covered this.

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Test

At time 48:16, explaination starts how testing works. Anyone or anything could be positive according to the testifiers in the video. The coverage in this video or other previous videos in how specifically testers are using PCR Test to fake COVID Test is a deeper topic we discover. The video explanation does not clarify anything except that primer should not be copied more than about 25 times. War on Lies Organization has intentions to cover this topic separately in future. Nevertheless, conspiracies and lies emerging out of virology, Sars-Cov-2 (or COVID-19), and Pandemic of 2019 are very clear even without the clear understanding about specific COVID-19 PCR Test algorithm.

Fear of Godzilla (the COVID virus) is so great it triggers intubation to contain the spread of it. Intubation causes the patients on ventilators to die. On one hand the hospitals try to help paitients' breathing by hooking to ventilators; on the other hand, by chocking and throat-jamming them with intubation to death. Intubation and sedation kill the patients.

Illnesses from bacterial pneumonia, drug induced pneumonia, air pollution, and influenza are all labeled COVID-19. Creation of fear is to pressure to take the vaccine and control. Follow the money as suggested in the video to see. Fauci lies staring right in the camera about asymptomatic infection, 1:31:30, claiming a study was just done. There was no study then and all studies done previously in medical field had disproven asymptomatic infection of any kind. President Trump withdrew from World Health Organization on July 6, 2021, rightly so. However, the USA is back in it by Joe Biden the crooked thief. The USA should permanently withdraw from it by congressional law, and CDC should be abolished. CDC and FDA are on payroll of big Pharma. Huge serious decisions are made on fear, not on facts and rational thinking, as testified at 1:36:14 in video. Most doctors know very little from graduating medical school, 1:38:22, and they do not have time (busy and lazy) to keep studying or even have time to read current medical publications. They only read deceptive headlines. They are there to take money from testing and then give perscriptions. A competent mechanic can listen to a car and determine a problem. Modern doctors do not have insightful skill like it anymore [listen or use any of their senses to diagnose the patient], nor do they have the ability to cure themselves or others. Heroic straight-forward Dr Pam Popper says, "if CDC says [fuck] them to keep them healthy, the doctors are dumb and cowardly enough to do". "Talking-head doctors" on every news station you see on TV screens are fake puppets of CDC, FDA, and WHO. Big Pharma companies fund shockingly 40% of FDA as opposed to it being independent. Bill Gates is not retired with wealth and done making money or only donating for charities from good heart. He is making money in big pharma world with evil intentions and closer Deep State ties in the world. Gates controls CDC for example with 350millions funding. Gates pays more to other drugs companies to control. All the free vaccines people are getting are not free. The government prints money to pay the big pharma companies, and Gates to control and kill the people. Vaccines do not guard from disease or illness, 1:45:06. They have planned for two decades on this concept, genetic drugs, to attack the intellect and reproduction. Doctors are starting to find genetic materials, and nanoparticles(small particles) or lipid-nano particles accumulate inside body, such as in brain and sex organs, which has nothing to do with COVID-19, which, according to the COVID patent owners, the virus live in lungs or respiratory tracks only. What in the world is Transgene Therapy? No one knows, but the heroic doctors know it has nothing to do with COVID-19, 2:05:30. Only 0.03% of death and adverse effects are reported for Sars-Cov-2 (COVID-19) vaccine. Multiple it with other 99.07% to get the correct numbers below:

President Donal J. Trump finally said it during Faith & Freedom Coalition 6/24/23: “[they] are waging war on faith, freedom, and science.”

The Tragic Pseudoscience of Sars-CoV-2- 220min

The Part 2

Mucking Started with Polio Virus and Vaccine Discovery History of vaccines started with Polio sickness. The new sickness born with infants was real that people started looking for the answers. The scientists in those days looked for the answers under the microscopes to no use because microscopes have limits in viewing capabilities. Electron microscope was invented in 1930 that sparked new enthusiasm. Yet the scientists became quickly discouraged with images because they were very ambiguous. These original scientists were honest with their statements about electron microscope’s capabilities. See the two images below.



In fact, the electron microscope has not improved much to present. Dr. John Enders was independently studying Polio and he claimed he invented the vaccine for it. He injected the vaccine to himself to prove it was safe. It quickly became popular with people’s attentions and the vaccines were in use widely [partnership with the pharma] although many smart people were skeptical still. Polio was caused by lead arsenate in DDT pesticide. Dr. John Enders convinced the electron microscopists with his Cell Culture Theory (a child brewing stew in pretense game) that laid new foundation for all modern day scientists to discover any viruses they like. This theory enable them to see anything they like to see within their whimsical imagination. No one knew how John Ender was able to convinced very honest rigid scientists into seeing what he wanted them to see. If anyone were interested, follow the money to investigate. The original scientists were looking for something [the virus] in a way that made sense from patient’s sample, drawing tissues or fluid directly from the sick patient, under the electron microscope. The Cell Culture Theory convinced them to mix it with bio-chemical-stew ingredients. Dr. J. Enders was overzealous to keep selling his vaccines although no control experiments were made with his vaccine, cell culture theory, or the discovery of the polio virus. He knew better. For example, Dr. Stefan Lanka at modern times proved the same images could be obtained from bio-chemical stew without ever adding the virus sample drawn from the patients. “They are fooling themselves, and fooling the public” Dr. Stefan Lanka said. He (Enders) received a Nobel Prize in Biology for cell culture invention that made him arrogant and dogmatic about cell culture and virus discovering process. From that point, all his words (publications and activities) became pinnacle like he was right about anything he said and did.
feces seperate from water is isolating polio virus

“They put feces in water and blend it [creating a uniform mixture], and put that liquid into centrifuge [a machine with a rapidly rotating container that applies centrifugal force to its contents, typically to separate fluids of different densities such as cream from milk] to separate the feces back from water. Then they claim that clear liquid (water) is isolated virus”, anonymous commentator in the video explains the image above. “That is false. You cannot determine [any further] about what it [claimed isolated virus] does. All they did was to redefine [twist] the word isolee [lowering the scientific standard from more truthful definition]. Then they ran around telling people they isolated the [polio] virus.” The nerve and the audacity to fake science this way became a standard since then in the field of virology. All subsequent procedures in attempt to discover new viruses were done this way, descriptively, to put all kinds of whimsical liquid, such as milk, cow serum, animal tissues, and all kinds of substances with sample blood, tissue, saliva, or fluid drawn from patients. The image below shows the bio-chemical-stew ingredients for cell culture.

Then they add human-made drugs to kill all those cell mixtures. Doc Cowan explains nicely in the video. This idea of faking, mixing chemical compound [drugs], and biological materials was also made into a vaccine. Amazing stupidity or audacity how they got away and won the Nobel Prize! First duty of a scientist is to question yourself and question what you are being told to do. The “scientists” who work within institutions cannot do any questioning or they will be fired quickly. Some truths exists in the world of politics and academic where some politicians, scientists, and professors knew about ambiguities in all of the existing publications and they are looking for definitive proofs. Their voices and stories are smothered. Dr. David Rasnick implies if people want to know how to be healthy, study the other strong and healthy people and how they are taking care of themselves and living--not the guys in white lab suits, or anyone else who are not very healthy and strong themselves.

The Monkey Business Polio- 66min

The Part 3

Concealed Facts about the Black Death, Smallpox, and Spanish Flu

Poison (toxin), starvation (or malnutrition), or psychological change (big change in consciousness or mental damage from outside interferences) can cause a large human population to go into catastrophic illnesses and deaths, not viruses or germs that cause epidemics. The theories about microbe infections and viruses are completely unsubstantiated. In the old days, people did not or could not look into the real causes. In modern times, boy-cried-wolf fake scientists and people have figured out a way to promote themselves and lie. Every time somebody does real science and looks into it, they find the reasons above.

The causes of Black Death were studied via “tree rings reference” to get an idea about the environment. The testifiers stated stinking air, dead fishes in water, and many signs of polluted environment. Toxic fumes underground can also be released into the air by massive earthquakes. These are the signs of mess poisoning. Living with insanitary conditions and around animals will trigger disease.

More people died from Smallpox vaccines than smallpox disease. Dr. J. W. Hodge confessed his mistake about trusting small pox vaccine. Professor Adolf Vogt admitted the same mistake. Dr. Charles Creighton shifted his position after he learned the truth that vaccine was the poison and smallpox was not caused by virus.

Herd immunity theory derived from vaccination is wrong. All infectious diseases declined before vaccination could come on market. This proves vaccination is not the agent causing the decline.

Spanish Flu case experiment with prisoners produced surprises to scientists and doctors. The prisoners could not be infected via the means they thought the flu was contagious. Studies showed powerful radio waves and electromagnetic waves produced sudden death to soldiers in war bases. Soldiers also died from aspirins in trying to treat the flu. “One thing is certain-- the 1918 Spanish Influenza was a vaccine-induced disease caused by extreme body poisoning from the conglomeration of many different vaccines”, Eleanor McBean. When authorities get involved with disease, the wrong doers will get sued if the truths come out. To blame on the virus is better because you cannot sue the virus. You can sue chemical companies, military organizations, and pharmaceutical companies. The above was the statement from David Parker and Dawn Lester the authors of the book titled “What Really Makes You Ill.” Rockefellers were changing the medical curriculums. "They do not want questions on their products that can cause illnesses and attentions on the toxic influences. Individually or collectively, the way you think, the way you eat, human relations, conception of life, or how we organize ourselves economically are not discussed in medical schools", Doc Cowan said, which in fact were the factors that caused illnesses. More sarcasm from the doctor continues. "The medical schools teaches you illness is all about germs. This way you train people to be powerless. There is nothing you can do about the Sars-Cov-2 virus landing on your nose… The person who is a victim is powerless. Spending a lot of money on bombing and humiliating other people has nothing to do with sickness. We are just victims of the viruses or our genes." There are many factors that can make someone sick, not germs and virus, such as food toxins, air toxins, water toxins, and environmental toxins. There are large amount of literatures the western medicine ignored that can teach the truthseekers about the real reason for sickness. Dr. Larry Palevsky testifies he treats his patients by going after the cause of sicknesses, details in the video, unlike of other doctors who always prescribed drugs.

The Mask Death: the Plague, Smallpox, and Spanish Flu- 60min

The Part 4

AIDS - The Made-up Pet of Fauci

The AIDS was declared pandemic on April 1984, just like COVID and it became a government policy since that day. No real scientists, and doctor knew about AIDS before the declaration. To investigate this lie took time for the real scientists and doctors for decades. “This AIDS disease or virus was never been obtained from a human being,” said Dr. David Rasnick. Subsequently, CDC started describing all previously known diseases (23 of them) were caused by AIDS virus, 13:33.

Gays get kaposi sarcoma, drugs users get TB, and Africans get fever, diarrhea, weight loss, coughs, and TB from AIDS. Why is AIDS so smart to be able to distinguish these people and give discriminating diseases accordingly to the group type? We all read blunt news resources (without explanation) like many people in Africa have AIDS 20 years ago. There were rumors that they have AIDS because they have sex with monkeys. Now we know the reasons and explanations. These good-guy doctors were labeling the poor ignorant sick African people (even coughing) with AIDS. Any kind of disease would be labeled as AIDS, 16:12. Dr. Stefan Lanka, PhD in Microbiology, admits, 30:48, his mistakes in giving lectures on HIV while he did not know much about it. His favorite professor enlightened him, so he went after the truths into whole history of virology scam (as present in WoL Articles 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13) and found the lies. Many experts (so-called doctors and scientists) stood in front of various people through years to make presentations about HIV and AIDS, but no one knew. “This whole thing is a big sham”, as Dr. Kary B. Mullis says. T-cell count theory became discovered as false among doctors, 34:45. 90 millions people in the USA and other millions in Africa who had HIV and waiting to die by 1990 did not die, 40:33.

All the disease gay people got that were labeled AIDS were in fact disease from drug abuse, such as chemical toxin effects. No mystery their immune systems were weak or malfunctioning because drugs did this. Drugs upset a great deal or destroy the homeostasis (see WoL Article 15). AZT drug the treatment for the HIV destroyed the bone marrows and white blood cells, shocking truth finally came out. Sad irony! WHO, CDC, UN, and other “World Controlling Group” went into Africa with loads of money to build their office building, residents, hospitals, and schools (for themselves) instead of getting the money to real needy population. They gave the sick people condoms, and scared them with HIV education instead of giving them tuberculosis, malaria, or cholera drugs that were under $50 for one year supply. How would you feel if a doctor told to wear a condom when you went to a clinic with a sick baby?

Learn all the evil career activity of Anthony Fauci the audacious demon, 1:38:08. He has been on the international world stage scaring ignorant simple people, oppressing brilliant scientists and truths, and lying to the US government and other countries. HIV is pet project of Fauci and it made him a powerful icon that stood for potent lies to present days. He found the taste of success and went on to create more fake retroviruses, such as Ebola, Sars-Cov-2, and all other infectious diseases CDC found subsequently were their (CDC, Fauci and his gang of pseudoscientists, and pharma companies) opportune bridge to riches. Fauci squandered all the US Federal funds blaming all diseases as HIV to be the cause. He created a medical dictatorship, killed the real science and silenced all scientists, made up diverted attention to fake problem HIV, and provided a fake solution (killer AZT drugs, and intimidation campaigns on sex and reproduction). Some "AIDS patients" in the USA figured out AZT was killing them, so they went to Mexico. Shocking fact is that Doctor Fauci never treated a single patient in his medical career. Yet he is a licensed doctor who climbs so high in career ladder. Fauci has no real scientific knowledge or medical knowledge to have conversations with other scientists and doctors. In fact, he avoided talking to anyone about science and medicine all his life. Dr. Pam Popper noticed that this man could not even pronounce medical terms. “These [Dr. Deborah Birx, and Fauci] are stupid incompetent people. The only thing they have is power. He is an incompetent criminal. What he has done is criminal. What he is doing right now is criminal. I am going to get him. You watch!” WoL agrees with Dr. Pam Popper’s words and supports her valiant declaration.

How the Conniving Fauci Made AIDS- 110min

The Part 5

Genetic Sequencing the Virus that is not there

From attempting to mimic the official instructions [possible from WHO] insilico sequence (computer randomized reconstruction of COVID genome) in Germany, they came up with 400, 000 different versions of Sars-CoV-2, 22:40. At time 25:08, we can have some idea about the mysterious computer software programs in the video that do the sequencing “ACGT” letters in various orders. Wikipedia list of genome alignment software: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sequence_alignment_software. They are nothing special but virologists worship them and think they are smart because they can play around on a computer monitor screen like a video game. Individual testimonies on sequencing come out as the same criticism from 5 or 6 doctors in the video who are in different countries. If one doctor or scientist speaking out against virology with valid statements of truths, we have a serious problem. We having 16 in this article alone and at least five hundred in the world is a critical problem. In the field of real sciences, such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics, to change/or improve the existing laws or understanding required only one scientist to challenge or disprove. Why are the virologists and biologists stupid, stubborn, and shameless to bear witness to the lies?

Here is a very honest and powerful statement from Dr. David Rasnick, PhD in Biochemistry, at time 58:19:
“400, 000 Sars-Cov-2 sequences is nonsense. The people that are doing it are not lying, they believe it because of the technologists [the computer programs]. They are assuming the science has been done with the instructions [to reproduce the sequencing of Sars-Cov-2]. They assume the information they get in legitimate. Curiosity! That’s what scientists have to have. They [have to] have questions. That is how to distinguish scientist from engineers and technologists. Anthony Fauci does not ask questions and he tells you what to believe in.”

Dr. Mark Bailey, said, time 59:40: “Virologists and virology should remain theoretical as it should be, but not dictating public policies.” Government or institutional dogma is not science. If you speak out against it, you will be punished. This is the reason why someone at work wear mask because they do not want to lose a job. Analogously, virology and viruses are their job. The people who have jobs relating to it will not speak against because they don’t want to lose their income. Thus the paradigm perpetuates. You won’t get funding money from government if you propose a project to show viruses do not exist. Invisible enemy is useful for politicians and crooks to use against the paranoid ignorant population to control. Watch heroic doctors and scientists presenting true scientific arguments and highlighting how outrageously ridiculous virologists, CDC, and other institutions are twisting and turning to defend their falsehood. They make science into science fiction and violate the very principles. They even go after English language officially in dictionaries, and other referential books and try to redefine the word “isolation” to save themselves. Dr Tom Cowan asks, “if viruses cannot survive outside the cell culture, how can they infect someone?” “If virologists say [and block off in their defense] that viruses cannot be isolated, that is the end of their business and it should be closed down”, Dr. Stefano Scoglio, PhD in Biochemistry.

Genetic Sequencing the AIDS Virus that is not there- 73min

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