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Understanding Heart: Safekeeping from Heart Attack and New Truthful Ways


Dr. Tom Cowan

Date: 5/28/2023
Subjects: Heart, New Definition and Functions of Heart, New Ways to Understand Heart, and Heart Attack.
ID: Article 12.

Doc Cowan comments again on undeniable commonsensical truths on virology. Viruses (monkey pox, chicken pox, sars-cov-2 or COVID, HIV, Polio, and others) cannot be found in sick people in fluids like saliva, snot, urine, blood, or anywhere-- whether in patient's body (dead or alive) in humans, plants, or animals-- in lungs, hearts, nervous system, and any targeted organ the virus like to live at. Only the virologists can find them in their private-lab circus shows on the cell culture samples. Virologists explain millions and billions of viruses team up and destroy the cell of the organ they target, yet when challenged about not being able to find them, they answer, "there are not enough of them to see!"

In their private-lab mock circus, they did not do anything to challenge themselves and prove themselves wrong, Doc explains the details, but it is their moral responsibility as true scientists. Yet, they would hide anything as much as possible (in mock experiments) and shine on little suggestive insinuations to glorify themselves. WoL will reference back to Article 11, on HIV as an example about how lame in “scientific” procedures, and secretive activities with self-serving motives violate commonsensical suggestions from even an ordinary non-scholar person.

What causes heart attack? Why do we not have foot attack, spleen attack if the plaque in blood making composites is the cause? Fixing the blockage in major arteries compliant with conventional knowledge is stupid, dangerous, and costly. Major arteries only transport about 10% of blood, capillaries do over 90% transport. Sympathetic (fight or flight feeling) and parasympathetic chain in nervous system control the heart. Inactivity kills sympathetic nervous system responses and builds up plaques, and weakens it. Unusual activities (non-regular exercise) trigger pain and unpleasant feelings. The answer is to deal with pain and start exercising regularly. Common medical practices give drugs to block sympathetic nervous system because it makes pain goes away. Doc summarizes:

1. Decreased Parasympathetic Tone
2. Problem with main blood supply (not major artery, but small blood vessels). Vaccines, emf (unnatural electromotive force like radiation), heavy metal, antibiotics, and chronic stress are causing acidification (lactic acid) in tissues that are killing them, including the heart tissues that eventually cause heart attack.



meaning narrowing in blood vessels.

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

is the source of energy for use and storage at the cellular level. Life voltage created from water in cellular levels.

Mitochondria Function

The classic role of mitochondria is oxidative phosphorylation, which generates ATP by utilizing the energy released during the oxidation of the food we eat. ATP is used in turn as the primary energy source for most biochemical and physiological processes, such as growth, movement and homeostasis (life harmony).

Decreased Parasympathetic Tone

is a confusing disease if someone thinks about relating those words to comparisons with two parts of nervous system functions described here. It does not mean to discourage exercising or increase in sympathetic part of nervous system is bad. How do you increase parasympathetic tone? Behaviors like laughing, sex, chanting, gargling, and singing also activate the vagus nerve (main component) and in turn the parasympathetic nervous system.

A new way to see heart is seeing it as a Special Conductor or Electromagnetic Source of body. Heart truly is a special organ in spiritual sense compliant with biblical words. Electromagnetic field (Toroidal Field) of heart is a scientifically proven energy field that radiates and emits Life Force (measurable voltage) from heart. Demonic forces, such as fear, hatred, and lie drive towards heart attack and death. Lastly, eating “Strophanthus Seed” from vine like plant abundantly in Africa unblock Stenosis.


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-Daniel Hawley

Understanding Heart: Insights into New Truthful Ways- 60min

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