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Malfunctioned Cells Caused Sickness


Dr. Tom Cowan

Date: 7/29/2023
Subjects: New Foundation Cell Theory (NFCT), disproving mainstream cell theory mathematically, and comparing NFCT and mainstrem cell theory.
ID: Article 18.

This is Part II to the Article 17, and also relating to the Article 13, “New Foundation: Cell Theory, Biology, Medicine, and Virology”. In fact, Article 13 is clearer in coverage of “new-foundation” cell theory, but this one is disorganized, mixed with other topics, and confusing. War on Lies organization covers this presentation of Dr. Cowan, but again strongly warns audience and readers that “New-foundation Cell Theory” has a lot of holes, and maturity to cover. It is better than main-stream modern biology cell theory, but it is far from perfect and it is not scientifically proven. It is not organized, coherent, and references are not coherently backing serious claims. Doc Cowan does a poor job in his presentation in backing up serious concepts, events, people, and many descriptions with organized coherent references. He should not be presenting the revolutionized new ideas in a way a parent commanding the kids what is right and wrong because this is intellectual scientific gathering. War-on-Lies Article 13 described weaknesses, and possible incomplete truths or facts and more constructive criticisms will be covered here in analyzing his presentation. Doctor Cowan disproves the main-stream cell theory very well here, but his “new-foundation” cell theory (NFCT) will remain a theory needing rigorous future research and work. His presentation title “what makes you sick?” unfortunately will come out as incomplete in describing specific reasons. The content of the presentation can only imply electromagnetic force (EMF) and toxins cause sickness, but it does not cover example case and the question in part I, the reason for chicken pox sickness and why the vaccine stops the children from getting the disease. The info we seek can be deduced from other Doc Cowan and his colleagues’ activities, but not here. Note Doc Cowan and his colleagues use the acronym EMF to be Electro-Magnetic Force, which in official Electromagnetism classes in college education and scholarly publication is Electro-Motive Force. The key point would be that malfunction in cell makes humans sick, and the comparison of two cell theories, but the anatomy and the content of the cells need more scientific explorations and authentication.

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-Daniel Hawley

The key scholars and the works Doc Cowan described where based the NFCT is on:

“The Case for New Paradigms in Cell Biology and in Neurobiology”

Scientist Harold Hillman, 1997 Nobel Peace Prize


Professor Dr. Gilbert Ling, PhD in Physiology, 1963 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine


Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD



: is a type of acellular tissue that is formed by the fusion of multiple cells or by the division of nuclei without cytokinesis (12:26). Unfortunately, Doc Cowan does not give a specific example of tissues but states there are 44 types of this classification of tissues in human body. His definition of this word and the mainstrem biology may be very different.


: semifluid substance inside cell, which Doc Cowan calls watery gels.

Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)

: is a pair of tube that connects the nucleus membrane to the cell wall. The function, according to Dr. Tom Cowan, is to serve as a pair of antennas to information and communication from outside world.


: a part in cell that generates energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Its size is in range of 0.5 to 10 μm.


: Middle structure of a cell that is dome shape and denser compared to other structure surrounding it, according to Dr. Tom Cowan's presentation. It acts as interpreter of the information coming from antennas (ER).

Only the last three parts in definitions exist in NFCT model of Dr. Cowan and their functionalities are very simple, reduced, or not described in details.

The following image lists the parts, structures, or functions in human biology that are unproven, proven not to exist, or incorrect.

parts, structures, or functions in human biology that are unproven, proven not to exist

The following is an image of mainstream biology cell model in dispute, which many parts Doc Cowan proves not to exist, or incorrect.

mainstream biology cell model in dispute that are unproven, proven not to exist

Western medical treatment system or biological knowledge is founded on cell theory, but others have none. Chinese system for example is based on energy flow through the organs. They do not have cell theory integrated into their medical care system. Incidentally, no germ and contagion theory, either. Organisms like bacteria create storage spores when stressed. Possibility exist that human organs could do the same. To prove the existence of any cell may be impossible, Doc Cowan implies at time 11:50 in the video. This raises the red flag and contradiction to formulating NFCT, writing papers about them, and making presentations, especially this presentation. Instead, he should focus on whether the cells exist or not certainly. The image he presents below becomes contradiction. He is very unthoughtful, careless, and wrong in saying this. He says at later time 47:40, "most reliable way to show [cells] exist is here".

most reliable image of cells

Doc further states, there are 188 tissue types in human and 44 of them do not have cells in western biology standards (12:09). This description appears also at Article 13, his paper, Breaking the Spell (p. 25). Varification in comparison with mainstream biology on this statement is very difficult. Stating a few tissue or orgain names would be helpful. Doc does mention about lens of human eyes, but mainstream biology does not classify lens tissues of the human eyes to be syncytium or acellular tissue. We would like to know the complete list instead of mere printed numbers! His presentation can be categorized into two parts: "Disproving the Mainstream Cell Theory," and "Introducing New Foundation Cell Theory (NFCT)".

Disproving the Mainstream Cell Theory

Rudolf Virchow (1859 onion cell discovery) started the mainstream cell theory. Onion cells are by no mean analogous to human biology. Though unproven, that cell theory became widely accepted foundation of modern biology. Deriving from it, 17 versions of models exists nowadays. Ribosome-- the place where mRNA is translated into protein-- cannot possibly exist. Incidentally, injecting mRNA vaccine at present time is to make human make spike proteins on the ribosomes by delutional theory. Tire analogy story Dr. Cowan gives is not good because living things can multiply (18:25). We understand his intentions and feelings, but many story breaks and "by the ways" in the talks make the presentation very confusing and frustrating. Various existing ribosome images are artifacts or gas bubbles of dead and dying cells because the cells that go under the electron microscope go through unscientific abuse process (22:19) in order to be viewed. Harold Hillman took something that have no ribosome and went through the same process to get the same image. Proving non-existence of ribosome implies translation of mRNA to DNA occures within nucleus in NFCT model, not in ribosome as opposed to mainstrem cell theory model. Furthermore, how does mRNA get out of nucleus and enter the imaginary ribosome? mRNA is thousand or million times bigger than an hydrogen atom. If hydrogen atoms cannot pass through nucleus walls, how can mRNA pass through (26:15)? If this imaginary ribosome tube is letting the mRNA through, why does the hydrongen atom not get through too? The number of how many endoplasmic recticulum (ER, tube on which ribosomes exists) is never specified in biology, but implications indicate roughly about 100 in a cell. If 100 of these robe-like tubes exist, they would all be tangled up. Doc Cowan describes that Hillman proves in his model that ERs are just fractured lines. Below image contains mathematical proof that total volume of 100, 000 cubic micrometer of ribosomes cannot fit in the available space of a cell, cytoplasm volume of 70 cubic micrometers.

total volume 100, 000 cubic micrometer of ribosomes cannot fit in 70 cubic micrometers of cytoplasm

The impossible cell theory becomes more obvious in relating nervous system. More flaws in biology emerges in calculating the speed of neurons. In nervous system, cell bodies, axons, synapse, and presynaptic vesicles (that make neurotransmitters that swim across synapses) exist, according to the mainstream biology. Neurotransmitters take about .05 sec to get to next synapse in cell-theory model nervous system. In the process of hearing a command to move a body part, such as a hand, suppose there are 20 synapses (synapse does not exist), the time needed would be about 3 seconds. This is extremely slow and unrealistic time. We know that we can react much faster, almost instantaneous. The number 20 is just a small example number Doc Cowan gives. There are hundreds or thousands synapses for neurotransmitters to swim across to get to the brain. This model is impossible knowing how fast humans can react. Nucleus, cell wall, and mitochondrion are the only things proven to exist. All others are non-proven.

Dr. Cowan touches topics and issues in genetics and DNA in relation now that he has disproven the impossible cell theory of mainstream biology. He testifies without providing references, reasons, or explanations. WoL will put "*" for serious statements where reference or some form of backing is missing. Dr. Cowan states:

DNA as a mechanism of heredity [is false]*. DNA changes minute to minute*. There is no stable DNA*. You have stable fixed code (same in every cell of your body) is false-- 100% disproven* [Who disproved this? Reference missing.].

Dr. Cowan continues stating:

All the body parts do not have the same DNA*, just like we have different tissues in different body parts. About 200, 000 proteins in human body and 20, 000 genes make codes for the proteins. The theory of 1 gene makes 1 protein is not true; we can see 1 gene makes multiple proteins. 180, 000 other proteins would be a mystery if 1-on-1 theory is true. The answer is not in DNA codes. Barbara McClintock, 1983 Nobel Prize winner, proves DNA is changing every minutes* [Doc Cowan needs to provide specific references to his claims here instead of saying proven period. He needs to show where Barbara McClintock proves it or who else proves what. We took on a lot of burden to make extensive researches to follow up his claims but we ran into deep gorges that we don’t have time to dive in deep enough…].

Introducing the New Foundation Cell Theory (NFCT)

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) captures chemical energy obtained from the breakdown of food molecules and releases it to fuel other cellular processes. “We are living liquid crystals” (48:54), Doc Cowan says. Many of his verbal statements have sarcastic tones followed by immediate corrections of sentences and interrupting story breaks. This attitude in presentation makes his keywords and sentences difficult to understand. We have to look back at his publication in WoL Article 13, "Breaking the Spell" to understand his communication.

"The cytoplasm consists of organized, structured (or coherent) water. The water becomes more coherent as it moves to the periphery, less coherent as it moves toward the nucleus in the center" (Chapter 4, p. 29, par. 2).

"The basic structure of life—consistent with the teachings of all ancient wisdom streams, all traditional forms of science and medicine as well as careful modern scientific observation— is coherent, organized water with stuff like amino acids, minerals, proteins and genetic material embedded in the cellular water" (Chapter 4, p. 29, par. 3).

The above statement is entirely omitting the scientific facts about water. Water does not stay as pure H2O when it come in contact with many of the elements. Even mediocre chemistry students know water serves as reacting agents for many of the chemical reactions. For examples:
H2O + Sodium Hydroxide makes a highly corrosive liquid that can dissolve metals;
H2O + Sodium cause a highly explosive reaction that creates explosive fire;
H2O + Chlorine produces strong acid, HCl, and the weak but strongly oxidising acid, HOCl.

Doc Cowan's description of cell containing water give mere impression of water mixed with other substances to be homogeneous or heterogeneous mixtures, jello or water with air bubbles or ice, repectively. Water in cells can be in constant chemical reactions; therefore, it cannot be called water, H2O. We can safely call it a liquid chemical compound of various compositions. He needs to have serious scientific proofs and references, but he seems too carefree, and informal. He says, "Mitochondrion makes ATP, which is not energy, but it helps structure the water." Where and how does it get resources to make ATP? Does it get by seeping the resources through the cell walls? "Proteins folded up and they bind to ATP and became gels. Jello has thicker outter coating, which is lipid, dome in the middle, the dome has two antennas sticking out (which mainstream biology called ribosomes), which collect energy from the world (49:33)", says Dr. Cowan. Is he saying the antenna are the DNA? Abrupt disorganized sentence structures and switches make confusions at this very critical point. Are the antennas turning information into protein and life?

Here he addresses the title topic:
You disturbed the jells by contaminating them-- anything that can distort or dissolve the jells (50:55). All jells create a negative charge, they create an e-mag field, which is the voltage, the energy of life [too much hand waving there]! He needs to mention if someone or he tested this phenomenon. E-mag fields are easily measurable.

Negative emotions caused sickness; to cure is to cleanse the poisons or bad elements. Turning the temperature up dissolves gels, and sweating out cleanses them, coughing mucus cleanses them, and the body recreating them cures sickness. Bad signals are unnatural radio-waves, good ones are the sun, moon, earth, friends, and other living things you like. This talk implies the gels need to be changing towards more and more perfect crystal. He says, "all you have to do is to clean them up", but he does not say how specifically. Someone asks, "did you just make that up?" He says, "of course yes". This is not good. All other borrowed quotes about water presented as images are not providing scientific concepts, expressions, or descriptions. He is merely making ambiguous impressions. He tries to back his claim about "cell water" with MIR scan measure that diagnoses patient, which is to be measuring the coherence of the water. The word coherence needs definition here badly. Is he implying the density of the water? Animals in wild drink very dirty water, why don't they get sick? Scientific properties of water can be applied to test, such as shape shifting, and density; if it is "jello", other compositions need to be specified.

Malfunctioned Cells Make You Sick- 70min

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