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Breaking the Spell: New Foundation to Medicine, Biology, and Life


Dr. Tom Cowan

Date: 6/01/2023
Subjects: COVID, Corona Virus, SARS-CoV-2, virology, HIV, AIDS, all other retroviruses, retrovirus worldwide lie, debunking spikes/knobs and all detailed anatomy of viruses, cell theory flaws, western biology/medicine lies and stupidities, life foundation, human life principles, Life Force/energy, essential knowledge for health, inspiration to find truths, good vs. evil war in science, medicine, academics, politics, and international world.
ID: Article 13.

Doc Tom Cowan relinquished his medical license in 2020, possibly became enlightened to forfeit pursuing lies. Doc’s biography: https://drtomcowan.com/pages/my-bio. He truly is an honest sincere pure-hearted doctor who is after the truths, not evil money and selfishness. He repeated the original virus discovery lab procedures with Doc Andy Kauffman (also present in many WoL articles), to expose lies. This publication “Breaking the Spell” detailed the flawed lies about virology in coherent written format. “[People] need to learn to see the world properly.” Doc is not doing this for his personal gain but for the love of the Truth, the Creator, he reveals his spiritual awareness fearlessly. It fills in the holes in our previous WoL publications, such as Article 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, and 12. It adheres to true scientific approach with honest intention as opposed to many scholarly medical publications that were written unscientifically in deceptive ambiguous language and impressions to deceive the ordinary readers. The article covers many scientific medical topics that will lay a firm foundation to more honest and true progress in medicine with scientific spirit. It is better than the garbage the western medicine has with decades of liars adding deceptive papers one after another. It is by no mean perfect and providing proofs for all hypothesis, and acceptance for all the topics and issues in it; however, it lays foundation for many truthful concepts for future truth seekers, spotlights and disproves existing lies in virology and modern western medicine, and it alerts the readers to spiritual awakening to true good vs. evil war that has been fighting (not only in medical field, but revealing the evil effects in the world). WoL will summarize by recommending everyone to read, download, and own a copy. WoL Library proudly redistributes it.

WoL will gravely add:

Doc Cowan’s views, research works, insights, and all that he has written here are appreciated. Some are truths, none are lies, and some are theories needing further to explore and prove in future.

WoL points out his Life Foundation Theory and Cell Theory is

missing the Air

. His model in cell forming water-based structure definitely is more acceptable and sensible to artifact dogmatic view in western biology/medicine books, but he does not write about

air possibly being another major content just like water

in his descriptions.

In addition,

temperature/heat specific features

in the cells, especially humans, but also applicable to other organisms, must be considered as major ingredient in observation to understand truthfully.

Both Doc Cowan’s theory/descriptions and mainstream flawed biology/medicine in relating the cells to illnesses is missing vital concept about the undeniable facts that

cells naturally die (are short-live materials), but are constantly being regenerated

. The people who want to be healthy, strong, and have productive lives must use this obvious facts in their health principles. We have to train our cells (the body) to evolve and replicate from old cells to new to adapt to be stronger and better. We can’t hide from bad elements of the world like 5G, poisons (from pesticides, foods, metals, clothes, air), but train our bodies to be resilient. Evidences are widely available in some athletes and martial artists having very hard body parts and special abilities (they were not born with them), people having abilities to withstand extreme temperatures, some documented man eating metals and being able to digest them, other people eating foods that may be fatally poisonous to others but have no effect on them and have high-yield nutrition.

In summary keywords:

Air and water

forming true structures in live cells that do major functions as opposed to observing dead deflated, damaged water structure cells;


specific features in cells must be observed to understand life in them;

Regeneration ability

of the cells must be considered and utilized to study and cure illnesses.

Humans do not know all (or not even much) about life, but those who are in important positions (like ignorant stupid lying self-serving doctors, lying scientists, idiotic politicians, and greedy businesses) can mislead whole of humanity to evil if many other paranoid irresponsible ones let them.

Feel free to email or call me about your thoughts in this topics or other ideas you might have, freedom@waronlies.org, +1-716-525-8089.

-Daniel Hawley

Retrovirus Worldwide Lie- 23min

Breaking the Spell

PDF file medical publication by Dr. Tom Cowan

Added Materials to this Article on 6/5/2023
Subjects: Interaction with International Virologists, No Answer to a Simple Question Challenge Question.
ID: Article 13-B.

We can see how honest and sincere Doc Cowan is in analyzing his behavior and his speech. He covers all essential aspects in talks without hiding anything and confounding by adding unnecessary nonsense. He is not a liar because we can see consistency and coherency in everything he talked about at different times and in different videos. Liars cannot do this. He is disproving viruses again by asking a simple question to all other doctors and virologist: “How does a virologist know there is a new virus [Sars-CoV-2], and it causes disease?” Electron microscopy is a flawed instrument, but lies in virology are not evolving around it only. He covers his international interactions, as well as his teammate Doc Andy Kaufman, with other virologists, governments, and organizations in the world. He explains the comical absurd logic of clown scientists who lie around scaring other people with virus theory in a fun but truthful way. Protein content of Sars-CoV-2 is different depending on which type of cells the virologist is growing them at because they are getting different cellular debris. For the first-time viewers, if you are doubtful, you have to know Doc Cowan and Andy Kaffman in many other resources to be convinced.

Public Health's Prison Planet- 37min

Doc Andrew Kaufman is explaining again about "virus purification process" with more details, which was never achieved in the field of virology. WoL will make references back to Articles 4, 10, and 11. He explains what “Control” means in medical-science experiments and how all known virologists faked it until Dr. Stephen Lanka did it properly and disproved all previous claims in virology. Virologists have only one way to fake the proof, which will fool shallow ignorant idiots, but truthful honest scientists have many ways to disprove their fake work.

Public Health's Prison Planet- part 2- 15min

We can see all consistencies here with what he said in Article 13 above about the Cell Theory, definition of human beings, and etc. A whimsical man long ago looked at an onion under microscope and found cells and he thought erroneously human cells must be the same, which became textbook material for Western biology.

Public Health's Prison Planet- part 3- 31min

Dr. Kaufman covers Biology 101 topics: Genetics. Gnome is an entire genetic sequence of an entire organism. Sequencing of virus is covered in this video and explained in details, which virologists outrageously faked and lie in constructing random DNA/RNA codes to lie and claim certain viruses they were looking for were “found” , but in fact they were complete random made-up garbage. None of them ever explained this fake process to others outside of the field of virology. The edgy words to identify the genome of the viruses via constructing DNA/RNA codes are called IN SILICO GENOME. IN SILICO GENOME means with the help of computer program, they put together random genetic codes. The computer program uses absurd random combinations. Thus, new viruses to scare everyone is created ridiculously by computer program’s random algorithm. Doc Kaufman explains nicely with examples in the video at time 9:18. What is called variants in virus is nothing but computer generated garbage DNA codes above yielding different DNA/RNA sequences each time because they can NEVER get the same one in that computer generated sequence! We have new evil vaccine called mRNA nowadays. It is hijacking or contaminating the protein production systems in body. They are injecting factory system to manufacture foreign proteins in the body and trying to replace natural anti body proteins. Some doctors are even starting to say that some portions of human DNA made of viruses [that need to be killed off]. They have many vaccines already made to get them to market. They can make anything up now, but they won’t be testing them unless there will be a use. FDA approval may cause them time, but won’t be much anymore. All physical experiments now moved into software and virtual labs and communications with and FDA approval process may become virtualized soon too. Recent bogus pandemic hysteria (2020--2022) have become precedent standards to imprison or destroy the humanity. All vaccines in market are NOT FDA approved, media companies lie and institutions make requirements to get vaccinated based on those lies.

Public Health's Prison Planet- part 4- 36min

Here is the famous German Scientist Dr. Stephen Lanka, who proved his case publicly in German courtrooms. He officially and publicly disproved ALL viruses in German courtroom even BEFORE the 2020 COVID Pandemic, but this case was quietly suppressed in mainstream media sources.

Dr. Stephen Lanka Puts Measles Virus and ALL Viruses on Trial- 7min

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