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Fear not the Virus


Dr. Tom Cowan

Date: 7/21/2023
Subjects: Reasons for sickness is not virus, Nobel Prize winning lies of Dr. David Baltimore, and fear is on sale and destruction of freedom.
ID: Article 17.

Scientific method application is in discussion, whether in violations or compliances followed in virology. Analyzing mathematical number data, and dimensions in virology publications, sensible intuition will follow immediately how the numbers, and physical quantities make no sense. The pattern in contradiction for activities in national and global institutions became recognizable. Nobel Prize seems a disposible tool to suppress truths and science for international white-collar crooked thugs. A new clown name Dr. David Baltimore, the Nobel Prize winner, who have appeared obscurely in pervious WoL articles is on the spotlight here. Freedom is in catastropy because safety lies are temptation catalysts.


Pathogenic Virus

(or virus that causes disease): protein coat with piece of DNA or RNA in the middle and that all of the protein of that virus are coded for by the middle DNA or RNA. It is self-replicating in a host and causes disease by bursting open the cells, [which is] a mechanical disruption of a cell (12:45), Dr. Tom Cowan. Do not be confused with "giant viruses", the natural viruses, that are harmless.

Reverse Transcriptase or Reverse Transcription (RT)

: is an enzyme used to generate complementary DNA (cDNA) from an RNA template, a process termed reverse transcription, unique and essential activity for particles to be called retroviruses (WoL Article 11). This is pure virologist’s word. Dr. David Baltimore claimed he discovered the RT and got Nobel Prize.

Lymph nodes (or lymph glands)

: are small lumps of tissue that contain white blood cells, which fight infection. Lymph nodes are located in many parts of the body, including the neck, armpit, chest, abdomen (belly), and groin.
image of lymph-nodes

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-Daniel Hawley

Virus is not the Cause of Sickness

In the reference video, Dr. Tom Cowan is talking with voice only, but this media is very important. Those who are not familiar with Dr. Tom Cowan and like to see his videos, please search “Dr. Tom Cowan” in "WoL Search Bar" and see the hit articles.

Dr. Cowan states:

Virus does not make you sick. Starting with basic scientific definition of reality to look for [or prove] the existence of things that you have no sensory experience of, you have to make sure every single step of the process [to] find that thing, that you haven’t altered the nature of or even brought that thing into existence, 100% every single step of the way. For example, chemists made sure putting chemicals, or shining light on it, didn’t create the thing. In essence of

scientific method

, the process is isolating independent variable, that thing which you are changing, dependent variable, which is the thing that causes, and make sure you are testing just for the thing [dependent variable] every single step of the way. Otherwise, you will end up with illusions, delusions, and world of make believes. As scientists, we are looking for the faith-based belief [I believe] to change to I know [with proofs] -- not I believe, but I know (video time 6:20). At time 14:36, virus cannot be found from anything drawn, such as snot, blood, spit, meat tissue, from “virus-infected” patient (plant, animal, or human). Any true scientific-minded person will be very suspicious at this point alone. Nobody [no scientists, biologists, or doctors] will disagree with it.

"We know it is not a tactical problem to find a thing of that size because we can find other things of that size, such as bacteriophage or nanoparticles, just not virus. There is 20 million in a sneeze, but [virologists] cannot find because [they say] there is not enough", said Doc Cowan. Virus is an intracellular particle, but how does it get to the next person? According to the virologists claims, viruses can survive about six hours in the air. That is a long time to be able to catch them to study, but they will not try it because top-level bosses knew it does not exist.

A pinhead size of human lung can be removed safely-- even about a size of a baseball can be done by a trained surgeon. The amount 109 or 1010 virions could be about 1000th of a pinhead, in referential derivation.

Time 27:58 covers detail claims of David Baltimore’s discovery of HIV via growing the lymph nodes. He cashed in on CDC and WHO’s delighted scheme, possibly guessing they would be pleased to buy his credentials. To prove transmissibility, he mixes the lymphocyte that has RT enzyme with another person’s lymph nodes. The other person’s lymph nodes turned to RT enzyme too, so that’s the proof of HIV. Despite all the warnings and rejects about this process from Lou Montagnier and Robert Gallo papers 10 years ago as if he and the Nobel Prize Committee never read their papers stating that taken lymphocyte from anyone and mix with PHA will produce RT, (WoL Article 11). We can see amazing inconsistency in Nobel Prize award criteria. How can awards be given to both sides that are on contradictory positions in science? From their point of view, one of them must be a liar. From our point of view, we know they are both liars. Nobel Prize is a tool to promote worldwide lies nowadays. David Baltimore himself admits the facts later that mixing PHA and lymphocyte produces RT, which has nothing to with HIV virus, or whether RT is pertaining to or coming from the HIV.

We know now in this video that the infamous Dr. Stefan Lanka, PhD in Microbiology, experiments to reproduce the claims of discovering HIV with cell cultures, Dr. Tom Cowan, MD, and Dr. Andrew Kaufman, MD, have associations in the projects and that they helped with fund raising. Dr. Stefan Lanka found all the same images of cell debris without adding the HIV snot sample from patient.

cell-culture-debris for virus

The image below is NOT an actual image found under electron microscope or any device. It is a lie, that imaginative graphic artist created. This type of graphic image appeared in all credible mainstream media and news sources, such as NIH, CDC, TIME magazine, and many other reputable academic institutions. They shamelessly print these lying colorful graphic images as if they can see all the activities of this object under the electron microscope. All electron microscopes produce only black and white ambiguous images of cell debris (also see WoL Article 16).

sars-cov-2-fake-image for virus

The image below, yet another, is NOT an actual image found under electron microscope or any device. It is a lie, that imaginative graphic artist created.

many-sars-cov-2-fake-image for viruses

The images below are not of Sars-Cov-2. They don’t go about the whole procedure to obtain images anymore with new viruses they claim to have discovered, such as Sars-Cov-2, or anything else they will claim to discover in future. So-called electron microscopist or anyone cannot distinguish them, Dr. Cowan explains with detail examples and references in the video (40:33). CDC knew about the indistinguishability since the 1970s and they knew about fake COVID pictures in 2020 certainly.

many-sars-cov-2-fake-image for viruses
many-sars-cov-2-fake-image for viruses

"If I cannot be free, then there is no point in being safe", says Doc Cowan. War on Lies agrees with Doc Cowan message whole-heartedly and recommend everyone to live by it. Almost everything is phony in medical field and safety is phony. “We can find much better way once we explore and learn what we are really made of, [and] how it all works”, says Doc Cowan.

Some people are claiming existence of bio-weapon labs nowadays. It implies the existence of engineered viruses. There is no engineered virus because we can disprove it the same way in this article and all other WoL articles. Doc Cowan proposed/challenged a real scientific experiment [to the government funding sources], but they refused. All of the PCR premises (reconstruction of genome) is nonsense to begin with. For those who died from COVID, be careful of your thoughts (fears) because it could manifest into reality. Do not live in fear. Bio-weapon may be more like chemical weapons. Gain of function researchers are making bio-toxins (not viruses) -- otherwise known as vaccines. They take the snot of the sick person and mix it in the cell culture and call it a vaccine. At no point they demonstrate, there is virus in it.

How come this “made-up gunk” stops children from childhood development of chicken pox? Detail explanations will be on the next article. Bronchitis is the therapy for breathing in the Wuhan air. Chicken pox is caused by malnourishment, or toxic environment and normal maturation process. Poisoning the child with the vaccine will cause inability to undergo cleansing maturation process, which in later life time could give asthma, allergy, eczema, ADD, could end up eventually with cancer, or other chronic diseases.

Virus Does not Make You Sick- 70min

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