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Secrets of Bacteria in Healings, and Genetics


Dr. Tom Cowan and unknown author

Date: 8/17/2023
Subjects: To understand about bacteria, DNA, RNA, and topics in genetics and bacteria functions for healing, cell copy, waste disposal, drugs, and other concealed medical topics.
ID: Article 19.

Dr. Tom Cowan covers an “independent researcher" who says (s)he is not a scientist. The subject on detail understanding about DNA, RNA, and all other topics in genetics is very vague for most normal people because the formal schools we go through made us thus. We can have better foundation and closer truths in studying the article here. Dr. Tom Cowan makes very selective presentation of this article in his podcast. After reading thoroughly, we decided to have a very selective presentation as well. The language quality and tone of the article is troublesome. The author claim to simplify the DNA-RNA and the scientific subject with “plain English”, but we find her language usage have serious problems. Too many unnecessary sentences were written (too wordy) to express small ideas that could be capture in much brevity. The author does not follow the principle of brevity in scholarly-standard writings, and makes suggestive ideas through excessive questions in the writing. Scientific keyword(s) like “microsomes” is misspelled as “microsimes”. The author writes many questions, but not all are sincere questions. Some are suggestive ideas not presenting honest opinions or taking positions, but turned into confounding questions; some are sarcasm, and some are honest questions. Lastly, the images also have the same suggestive ideas presented in confounded ways. Dr. Tom Cowan did not present most of the images for a good reason we see and War on Lies will also not present the images, and carefully select the ideas. Although the whole source URL and PDF copy will be available, we strongly warn that we do not endorse everything written on the source and highly discourage the readers to read it by themselves or read by yourself at your own risk. The style in writing will waste a lot of inexperienced readers’ times and will create false impressions as facts. The title of the article does not align with content. Thus, we make constructive criticism and feedback to the author. We are creating conversational, and educational center that strive for truths through open discussions. We will not fake anything. We have a lot of theories, but we don’t wildly throw around irresponsible light opinions.

DNA is not in all cells ⚔. The DNA usages (17:30), such as heredity tracing, legal evidence in matching suspect DNA with crime scene-collected DNA, and paternity suits are fake, or not reliable science as we thought. “If you don’t know the method of the conclusion, then you don’t know the subject”, Doc Cowan implies that these claims and usages are fake, he does not know, or we don’t know and we have a lot of homework to do on these subjects (18:28).

Genes are protein making recipes ⚔. Reverse Transcription or Reverse Transcriptase activity is not exclusive activity to retroviruses, but all repairing cells can do it too ⚔. Reverse transcription is common to all forms of life, and in fact is the basis of all higher living things ⚔. DNA codes are not static, but can change in a person from time to time and also DNA is not the same in all body parts ⚔. DNA strand volume is too large to fit in a chromosome (28:10) ⚔. So are the ‘genes’ (small strings of protein making recipes) really coming from our own cells or are they from our bacteria?

She is suggesting implicitly that there are special bacteria within human body that hold special code or identity of the individual that can be created by the body when required. She does not write out explicit sentences expressing her honest thoughts, but turn the idea(s) into a confusingly worded questions. Furthermore, writing suggests all the genetic activities that involved cell copying (cloning), drug manufacturing, and other medical studies and applications are all based on bacteria activities. Those who really want the answers, just have to purchase ourselves a powerful professional microscopes and look for the answers. Let us play with bacteria to crack the truthful codes of life!

The main idea further suggest in confusing questions that all body parts, such as amino acid, DNA strands, RNA strands (half of DNA), and various protein forms in human body, are not alive. Bacteria are the ones who do the works, such as transporting messages, copying or creating new cells, destroying cells (cleaning up the dead or dying cells). The author suggests, “chromosomes look an awful lot like bacteria”. We can deduce by further reading that chromosomes are more like dormant bacteria that come alive when the cells have to multiple.

We can see DNA and chromosomes under a good microscope (+2000x magnification/zoom capability) during a cell copying activities, and special gene production activities where bacteria will cut and paste parts of DNA/RNA strands to get desired strand(s). Although at the age of video recording availabilities, no direct video of cell culture activities are documented to present days. Suspiciously, we can only read about the deceptive descriptions from the lab scientists. However, they would go through much troubles to create fictional animated videos to describe anything they like. Capturing the video of what they see is easier, but they hide it!

On one hand, she is raising ideas through questions, but on the other hand debunking the lies in virology, and other medical biology dogmas. She points out the visible characteristics of plants and animals appearing different like small, sick, and discolored are because of factors like malnutrition, temperature, or chemical poison, but not virus. Incidentally, both in classic genetics and modern genetics, the researchers or scientists claim mutation only based on physical appearance. No one has ever dissected or analyzed the genes or genome of these strange looking things compared with normal looking things.

Doc Cowan suggests that elite (government-grant-winning-sold-out-rich) scientists make ignorant population believe they can control your body via turning certain cells on and off, but there is no evidence that they can do that (34:40). However, they try using bacteria (in labs) as their tools to switch the cells on off, which is called hacking the DNA. Note the word “TRY”, and it does not mean they can. In present, genetic scientists play with “microarrays” in computer simulation programs. Cell debris are spread out at systematic coordinate locations. The program can recognize not only specific locations, but also various conditions at the locations, such as temperature, nutrition, light, and other creative conditions. These computer simulations can be achieved in real world by using E-coli bacteria to eat (cut), and grow (paste) the RNA amino-acid strings. E-coli bacteria dismantle proteins and dead tissues in our guts, but mainstream biologists claim they are pathogenic (cause sickness), which is very controversial. Microbes modulate the genes of living things ⚔. Changes in the functions of those genes also change animal and plant microbial makeup ⚔. Microbiota can alter host gene expression ⚔.

More specific genetic scientists play tool ideas is bacteria. Various RNA types (messengerRNA, ribosomalRNA, transferRNA) can be manufactured from plastic (which is polymer) via basic chemistry reactions. The general idea is described, but not detail procedures. Someone interested may run into difficult holes to produce these experiments. The only scientific authentication of truth will be to try these ideas and have video recorded proofs instead of writing them on papers. The author suggests the product in these reactions bacteria enclosed polymer is what virologist called virus. This is just a chemical compound in the eye of chemists. Those who deny the existence of virus points out pesticides, and chemical pollutions in soil, water, and air cause pandemic and diseases. We know the kind of reactions described here can naturally happen if the required ingredients are available in the environment by the actions of humans. Foreign bacteria or protein cannot get inside our body without hiding inside a plastic coating or other means. More keyword names CAS9, and CRISPR-CAS9 proteins are products of bacteria. These keywords need more research, but the idea suggests bacteria are in fact human immune system ⚔. Bacteria clean up and they recycle cell fragments (dead cells and debris), but they do not harm or damage healthy living cells.

The author uses very subtle (irresponsible) suggestions in developing conspiracy theory ideas, but will not make any explicit statement regarding her opinions or thoughts. WoL will not cover them. This is a problematic way of writing that will trigger loss of trusts from keen scholarly readers, especially from the author who is hiding her identity. Then the usual series of questions to enforce the suggestive ideas. War on Lies organization is mainly interested in scientific hypothesis, facts, educational points, or actual events from which the ideas can be deduced. Scientific scholarly writings have to be concise and purposeful instead of expressing random loose thoughts in a weak way.

In the genetics science labs, the only biological ingredients are bacteria and fungi (yeast). Fungi and yeast are just another form of the bacteria in the pleomorphic stages. Bacteria recycle cell debris, and they also produce enzymes which cause the different amino-acids proteins to break apart. We can have a good idea that DNA and RNA strands do not do anything, but the bacteria are doing all the work. Plasmids are self-replicating and stable extrachromosomal units of double stranded DNAs. Plasmids are bacterial chromosomes and also bacteriophage. The bacteria can become active from microzyma, also known as somatid, and go back to microzyma form (dormant form). In an alkaline environment, microsomes assemble and manufacture bacteria, when the bacteria disassembles, the microsomes recover in neutral PH (water) environment. Proteins can change their shape and function with PH and electrical charge. PH measurement is actually all about the positive or negative charge of things. Slight alkaline PH is a slight positive. Thus, depending on bio-electronic constants, temperature, presence or lack of oxygen and nutritional substances in the living environment, microsomes communicate with each other to form a certain germ, a mycelium, a microbacteria that will be capable of fulfilling a certain mission. Something as simple as altering our diet can change our microbiome and alter gene expression in the body ⚔. Note bacteria are pleomorphic, meaning the ability to live as various forms of life and can change the functions (the job they do). The author describes in a very confusing sneaky way that bacteria do all the work in cell replication, not DNA and RNA strands.

Diseases of so-called ‘pathogenic’ germs do not become serious, unless important nutrients are missing. In the case of tetanus disease, the simple lack of vitamin C causes it. DNA mutated by poison does not pass on to next generation. The author points out in principle to make protein to be a specific poison to specific cells is very possible and that genetic scientists are trying or may be succeeding it. Unfortunately, this has to stay as speculation for there is no tangible evidence or proof. Important implication derived from it is that vaccines and viruses may be being manufactured this way. Again, the author does not provide proof. Yet we are interested in the hypothesis at ✠ War 💣 on ☠ Lies ⚔ for we may find valuable knowledge from this later. In conclusion, this author-in-hiding takes readers to great length with from-behind-the-curtain whispers, but shows these conspiring “possibilities” failed at the end anyway in the perpetrators like National Institute of Health (NIH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and World Health Organizations (WHO). So we do not need to worry much. We can take away better knowledge in functions of cells, DNA, RNA, immune system, and especially mysterious valuable functions of bacteria, which we can apply to better health practices.

WoL has internal discussions in regards to the Terrain Theory. Dan states that bacteria only destroy the dead cells, implying they can distinguish the living and dead cell. Now that we have strong clues and suggestions, we will publish it as a strong theory. Bacteria may have other mysterious abilities we do not know. WoL is looking for the Harold Hillman's publication "The Case for New Paradigms in Cell Biology and in Neurobiology". We got in touch with the author of this article who quoted from this article, hoping she has it. To our disappointment, she does not, so how could she quote from something she never read? Anyone who has this article, please email Dan freedom@waronlies.org or Chris mcgrath_ch@hotmail.com.

⚔ -All sentences ending with “⚔” symbol, WoL regards them as fact.

PDF file of the original source author.

"Northern Tracey" the author's Website.

Feel free to email or call me about your thoughts in this topics or other ideas you might have, freedom@waronlies.org, +1-716-525-8089.

-Daniel Hawley

Secrets of Bacteria in Healings, and Genetics- 63min

Below is a children book that Daniel Hawley, the owner of ✠ War 💣 on ☠ Lies ⚔, strongly desires distributed freely for Children. It is a short version of Terrain Theory and functions of the bacteria. Please download and read to children. Alternative download link for PDF file of the embeded version below. Download may take a few seconds or minutes depending on your cell phone speed. The file will open automatically if you have a PDF reader installed. The embeded file below works in computer browsers.

Mom, What Makes Me Sick?

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