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Body Responses to Flu, Cancer, and other Illnesses


Dr. Andrew Kaufman Truths-versus-lies Interview

Date: 5/18/2023.
Subjects: Virology and Virus Lies, Diabetes, Cancer, Flu, Vaccine Injection, and Body Functionalities.
ID: Article 10.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman is interviewed by Denby Sheather. Her challenged questions clarified and reaffirmed his honesty and knowledgeable sincerity. If viruses and COVID were fake, how could we explain those who did the testing with positive results that did have disease symptoms? It is just “another form of flu”. Nocebo effect is real in many medical research reports. Nocebo effect is that the test subjects believing it is receiving test treatment, while it has none. Doc explains his hypothesis about what could be causing flu. Note the word hypothesis. It may be right, but it may not be complete. There may be other causes than one he described. For example, prolonged exposure to intolerable cold temperature (human being only thrive in specific temperature range), overwork body and mind (stress), other environmental effects, such as less energy and life force in the air after fall and at winter times. Highlight takeaway is illness like Flu resets the body. COVID test results were very unreliable. Elon Musk on Twitter publicly criticized and mocked his personal two results being different during pandemic times. In addition, government departments and services used so called epidemiologic evidence-- how often and why diseases occur in different groups of people, which was very unreliable, to claim COVID seriousness. The doctor also makes consistent coherent references back to his previous statements and words, which are in Article 5, 6 of WoL resources. Denby Sheather points out the undeniable existence of the “Giant Viruses.” Doc explaines about them and makes comparisons with man-made fake claims vs. real nature’s Giant Viruses. Highlight words are, “we haven’t found any virus in nature [out of hundreds of our studies] that cause disease.” Doctor backs it up with detail old-classified-then government documents of virus contingency research experiments. Giant Viruses can be taken out of natural habitat and isolated, but other made-up virus images were always constructed with cell debris by a software program--whole part of was never seen. He cautions “the injections that were released recent past few years were medical experiments [onto involuntary population]. We don’t even know what the objective of the research is.” Nobody knows what’s in these shots (vaccines) or effects are, but the drug company’s claims it can replicate or evolve, the doctor rejects. Doc gives very valuable insights into how the body operates to deal with health problems and how someone can respond when faced with a serious illness, especially touching the case with


. The doctor comments on diabetes subject, which aligns and is compliant with previous WoL Article 9 on diabetes.

Body can cure of itself of anything. We just need to learn to enhance it. Fear is most destructive ingredient in healing process and it does most damage in the first place.

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-Daniel Hawley

Highlight takeaway in video below is to train your body, and equipt yourself with knowledge to deal with health issues. They are part of life and everyone will have to deal with them at some points in their lives. Using drugs, vaccines, and other unnatural substances seems very dangerous stupid ideas. Do not train your body to become dependant (addictive on them)!

Body Can Cure Anything by Itself, even Cancer- 80 min

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