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mRNA Vaccine Contains no mRNA but Bacteria, Toxin, and Contaminants


Saeed A. Qureshi, Ph.D., Dr. Tom Cowan, and others

Date: 10/6/2023
Subjects: The deceivers use misleading names to lie with the word "mRNA", but clarifications and new truthful info added to previous Article 21 below.
ID: Article 21-B.

Previous cautions in Article 21 about claims in white-lab-coat clowns being able to make mRNA and that mRNA has specific genome transcribing ability is finally discussed here. We saw the lies and we were right about being cautious. The original title for the Article 21 “Science Killers with mRNA Injection Bomb” is revised to “Science Killers with Fake mRNA Injection Bombs.” The essence of Doc Cowan’s podcast in simplified version is in the content here, but the original sources are inclusive. The original sources will draw tremendous strain and time for untrained readers, so feel free to safely ignore to understand this article. Doctor Cowan’s video will confuse many people because minimal efforts in organizing seemed attempted beforehand. The sources in his podcast are not documented and cannot be read directly by the viewers.

Do COVID vaccine injection actually contains mRNA? This article reaffirms our skepticisms in Article 19 about what so-called “mRNA” vaccine was capable of. In Article 21, the overall theme may be indicating Dr. David Rasnick’s opinions and claims that mRAN was in fact in production and proven state, such as when he mentioned about Factor 8 protein and injecting nanoparticles into nucleus of the cells. Please note again our explicit note in the end:

✠- War on Lies (WoL) will amend or extend on the topics about relationship between Prof. Peter H. Duesberg and Dr. David Rasnick, and hemophilia research activities he mentions briefly. WoL presented exactly as David says without considering other sources and facts. His claim that injecting nanoparticles into nucleus of the cells producing the desired “Factor 8” protein cannot be found in any medical publication, according to Dan Hawley’s comment in WoL private discussion. Dan further pointed out that Prof. Duesberg was not always honest with David in their collaborations. David found the truths about retroviruses (that they are nonsense) from elsewhere. Had he been working continuously with Peter, he would have been blindsided all his life. In short, we at WoL are not sure 100% this can be done or it was done as David claimed (9/25/2023).

Furthermore in Article 19, Christopher McGrath pointed out that the unknown author allusively describes chemical composition and process of mRNA manufacturing from plastic (polymer), but realizing that the description was just a “hand-waving” confusion-- not clear scientific instructions. I quote myself back to A19, “Someone interested may run into difficult holes to produce these experiments.” Doc Cowan clarifies and backs up our skepticisms and warnings now with explicit formal scientific publication. ✠ War 💣 on ☠ Lies ⚔ (WoL) is covering current on-going topics in medical sciences. We are interested in shaping the truths more than anything else. The truths are never black and white on these topics, especially when the dynamic information emergences are taking place presently at current topics. We constantly have to append and amend the information we present as we paint the picture towards the truths. We want the truths no matter what!

Does the so-called “mRNA” vaccine produce spike protein, which is the Sars-Cov-2 virus (27:25)? We begin by studying how poison and antidote work. The vaccines are just small amount of some form of poison. Antidote works by increasing proteins in blood. These proteins are special proteins called antibodies. The body immediately builds new blood vessels with those antibodies call globulins. The antidote proteins (antibodies) DO NOT fit the specific toxin or poison like a key in a lock. They are non-specific to react to bodies (the poisons), but there are various chemistry reactions in properties to classify. Unfortunately, the original source Dr. Cowan is reading from cannot be located. The vaccines do not and cannot create the virus because the virus was not real to begin with (23:56). The original source URL (shortened): https://tinyurl.com/Sars-Cov-2-vaccine . Again, read it at your own risk.

Detection of recombinant Spike protein in the blood of individuals vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2: Possible molecular mechanisms

PDF file medical publication by Carlo Brogna, et al. -directly from WoL server.

Dr. Tom Cowan argues that antibodies are not specific in responding to foreign particles (namely spike protein for Sars-Cov-2); therefore, testing for specific antibodies in our bodies to prove that vaccine causes the production of these in the body is nonsense (31:41). So-call vaccine a patient receives, whether gunk cell-culture mixture, falsely-claimed as nanoparticles (mRAN), and others, will cause the body to respond in some cell breakdowns and production of proteins (antibodies) to fight back the foreign agent. The body will always respond with antibody but there is no specific antibody the body will produce to fight specific foreign agent (namely the spike-protein Sars-Cov-2) in this case. The fact the vaccine gunk causes the body to break down a bit and start producing antibodies to contain and fight cannot be used as argument for existence of Sars-Cov-2 virus or vaccine producing it just because the antibodies are fighting it (containing or binding to “Sars-Cov-2” gunk). Using a different toxin to cause similar amount of cell breakdown and production of antibodies within can easily disprove this as control variable in research. Dr. Tom Cowan explains to test tissue breakdown by giving vaccine and mix the breakdown cells with different type of antibody (nonspecific to Sars-Cov-2), then test the binding or chemical reaction as second control variable. The “scientific” research paper that claims the specificity, i.e. the antibody recognizing and binding to the Sars-Cov-2 viruses, lack those “control variable” methods or any other-- they didn’t do any control at all. The original source URL (shortened): https://tinyurl.com/waronlies . Again, read it at your own risk.

Circulating Spike Protein Detected in Post–COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Myocarditis

PDF file medical publication by Lael M. Yonker, et al. -directly from WoL server.

Does the vaccine contain mRNA? To understand various topics Doc Cowan quickly summarizes (39:55--41:00), please read all previous WoL Articles featuring him. For mRNA vaccine, the active ingredient is mRNA that will go into the cell and magically make a Sars-Cov-2 virus inside the cell, namely within the nucleus. The vaccine manufacturer will have trouble making or purchasing it because molecular composition structure (in-silico genome) of Sars-Cov-2 virus is proprietary. There is no info about this in-silico genome Sars-Cov-2 genome in public domain. The paper covers the methods described in WoL Article 19. Unfortunately, as we noted in WoL Article 19, the author of the coverage in Doc Podcasts is explicitly complaining that this is an intentional ambiguity in description for making mRNA (similar to WoL note) because their claim about the bacteria manipulation method cannot be authenticated that the finished product is in fact the mRNA that will transcribe to virus DNA and produce the genome for the so-called Sars-Cov-2. If anything, they simply change the routes in producing the gunk from pre-dated vaccines to this so-called modern mRNA vaccine. The author Saeed A. Qureshi, PhD threw in his credentials on line as well as describing other scientific details in argument that the finished product is NOT mRNA to make the virus genome or any type of mRNA at all. Note the purpose of the mRNA vaccine as the manufacturer claims is to be adaptable in making production of antibodies for any kind of viruses. Why do people need booster shots for so-called variants of fairytale Sars-Cov-2 alone, disregarding other viruses? Good news for the victims who took in the gunk toxin thinking it would protect them from fairytale virus is that the gunk will not reprogram their DNA as they feared (or some hoped) it would. However, the vaccine victims having troubles or death could be explained via the reasons they were injected with bacteria and other contaminants in the gunk. The original source URL (shortened): https://tinyurl.com/WoL-mRNA . Again, read it at your own risk. Alternative download link for PDF file of the embeded version below. Download may take a few seconds or minutes depending on your cell phone speed. The file will open automatically if you have a PDF reader installed. The embeded file below works in computer browsers.

mRNA Vaccine Is Not mRNA But Gunk – A Forensic Analysis

PDF file medical publication by Saeed A. Qureshi, Ph.D. -directly from WoL server.

Lastly, as predicted in A19 discussion, the news finally came out for the announcement of Nobel Prize for mRNA vaccine the fake:

Scientifically Analyzing Fake mRAN in COVID Vaccine with Dr. Tom Cowan and Saeed A. Qureshi, Ph.D. - 52min

Science Killers with Fake mRNA Injection Bombs


Dr. David Rasnick, PhD in Biochemistry

Date: 9/10/2023
Subjects: mRNA injection in COVID vaccine, flue vaccine, faking science, and institutions killed science.
ID: Article 21.

We can see the evolution of science abuse in virology, vaccine and drugs makers. Our current state is at mRNA genetic nanoparticle injections, which Dr. David Rasnick, PhD in Biochemistry, called nuking the body. HIV/AIDS being declared pandemic falsely and dragged under the US government authority was a precursor to Sars-Cov-2 in a sense to build a formidable evil infrastructure controlling the whole world, which architect is Anthony Faucci at Nov 1984 (13:09). They built a highly organized hierarchical system with rigid chain of commands to have domino effects in executing orders (pushing buttons). The science died because of it. There are individual scientists, but institutional science is completed [finished]. The individual scientists who can make an impact on the planet are only about less than one thousand. The massive money from the government can easily silence them or cast them out via many ways. They don’t keep track of flu anymore. It is all COVID now (20:34). Symptoms of flu and COVID are identical. .

Feel free to email or call me about your thoughts in this topics or other ideas you might have, freedom@waronlies.org, +1-716-525-8089.

-Daniel Hawley

This article is heavily related to WoL Article 19, but we published it separately. It is also related to Articles 16, and 11. “They turned drug diseases into sexually transmitted disease called AIDS, which is not sexually transmitted at all (none of those things), Dr. David Rasnick.” Technology (PCR) turned the flu into non-existed pandemic. The interviewer Tammy Garcia alluded that Haitian president was assassinated because he did not want COVID vaccines. She backs up her theory with a fact that just seven days after the assassinations 500,000,000 doses of COVID vaccines from the USA arrived.

Kerry Mullis invented the PCR, but not PCR Test. PCR, the technique to copy a strand of DNA/RNA repeatedly was never meant to be used as a test for “viral” (bogus) diseases. WoL thanks him for saying it. We at WoL always knew something is odd about PCR usage and Kerry Mullis personality and forthrightness about institutionalized scientists. “The academy of science is just a bunch of idiots just like everybody else”, said Dr. Mullis. WoL Article 16 explicitly mentioned before that many high-level scientific scholars and their works or inventions were used as pawns to advance in evil schemes. Nobel Prize becomes a tool to promote the pawns. Nowadays, its credibility are questionable and evil effects are far-reaching. Dr. Rasnick speaks out the same way as WoL Article 16 descriptions. Dr. Mullis is an involuntarily exploited pawn. He is very upset about his intellectual works exploited in the wrong way. “There is no way to interpret the PCR Test at all”, says Dr. David Rasnick. He says further:

You take a tiny bit of material and you amplify it [copy it repeatedly]. You don’t know where it came from. You don’t know the significance of it. It is like someone trying to determine a building appearance and structure after it was demolished and left with a pile of bricks without ever seeing the building first.

David Ho, grant winner of compromised institutions, brings idea of applying PCR to PCR Test for viral load (31:50). “Viral load” is to determine how many of the proteins (bogus cell-debris wrongly dubbed as HIV virus) present in the test subject. They use meaningless results from PCR Test to determine a number and would do continuous tests over the time to scare the patient to take poisonous drugs if that number changes. If the number was high and going down, the patient has HIV, but the body is fighting back; if the number is coming up, the patient has HIV and body is losing the fight (40:44). PCR amplification, how many times a tiny piece of RNA can be copied to match the made-up insilico genome of the virus (see Article 11 and 16), varies from state to state in the USA. There were 70 plus NFL players tested positive for COVID with PCR test, but they were all declared false positive suddenly (41:49). All HIV drugs have most severe warning that FDA required on the outside of the box, but FDA never pulls out the HIV drugs from the market despite their extremely dangerous status. Actions of Anthony Faucci killed 30, 000 gay men with AZT in 1980s-1990s (44:06). In military law, sexual assault case with intention to infect someone with HIV is nullified in reference to Jan. 9 2015, Colonel Jeffrey Pounding case, but media never covered this news. Nowadays in military, no one can charge anyone with HIV crime anymore. “Any activities relating to HIV topic as if it is a reality is a con job. It’s so easy to expose it”, says David Rasnick. People who are going to the hospital for COVID treatment, be warned that the treatments are being monitored by big institutions behind. The doctors there cannot do what they want. The drugs Remdesivir (with organ failure risks, which is hand pick drug of Anthony Faucci), Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), and Ivermectin (smart doctors do not like it because of dangers) are the approved drugs. Anthony Faucci got away with mass murder for decades. He is like a mafia boss. The Africans doubled their populations during the AIDS pandemic (52:00).

The bogus institutions, such as World Health Organization (WHO), claimed AIDS started in Africa. The US pressured the WHO to come up with a definition of AIDS. In 1985, the WHO defined AIDS as having symptoms of fever, diarrhea, persistent cough, weight loss, and TB although they in fact are diseases of poverty and malnutrition (38:19). Outrageously, if an African would leave the continent and appear in the USA, he would be cured of AIDS because the defining symptoms are different in the USA. In 1993, the USA added to HIV definition that fewer than 200 cells/mm3 of t-cells count becomes part of symptoms. There are people who exist in the world who have no disease whatsoever with low t-cells count. Oddly, this definition is ONLY utilized in the USA, but no other countries in the world .

“Bill Gates and other people in the world are going around killing people with vaccines and [drugs] because [they] want the resources and land. This activity is on global scale. These injections are poisons. They intend to wipe out millions of people. This is world war III in concealed killing without fighting-- it is intentional. No doubt about that (55:46)!"

The CDC removes natural immunity from their website and only recognizes the vaccine immunity for COVID. Everything [about pandemic] is design to shut the world down-- destroy the world, kill a sizeable fraction in the global population (57:00). Nobody can talk about [HIV virus] -- ask questions in public or challenge (35:30). Definition of truth is to discuss anything publicly and challenge. Any private secret is not truth. They use the word science in operation for global massacre. When most people hear the word science, they assume they cannot understand it and think about leaving it to the authorities. This murder operation is not science. Science is dead because of institutionalization and massive money from the US government to suppress the truths. Anything important, truthful, factual going on in our personal lives or communities, we know it before the government does. On the contrary, if the first sole source of information comes from the government, you know this is a lie (1:00:00). David Rasnick strongly backs up his words on this statement. Propaganda is not to inform you, but to pound fear into you repeated to destroy your ability to think and follow the leader.

The plan for mRNA injections is to make more of it for everything else although tragic news and fatal cases are unveiling now. The drug makers make mRNA injections for flu now. This nanoparticle mRNA invention have been on the shelves of big pharma for a few years before COVID pandemic. They are just waiting to create the right time to put their dangerous poison injection to test (1:01:10). The discussion predicts the producers might get a Nobel Prize for it soon. David Rasnick is on the same page with WoL description and stance. He clearly states that he hates Nobel Prize because it does more harm than good. Nowadays, it serves its purpose as if giving credentials to people who were bought [as pawn] for greater evil purpose. Older vaccines are protein base. mRNA injections are genetic-engineering particles. Original intention of this route in medicine was to correct genetic defects for people who were born with defected conditions, such as hemophilia. To get these nanoparticles inside the nucleus of a cell was tough, but they could do it now, according to David Rasnick (1:05:00). If it stays inside the cell, the cell will starts producing “the proteins” in theory. Dr. Rasnick explains with a specific case with hemophilia from his experience, in which the required protein is called Factor 8 protein to repair blood vessels and blood-clog ability. For other cases, however, there is no info about what is the desired protein, such as for COVID, or flu cases. Regardless, he gives a strong statement that the theory and principle will not work because the material is toxic, which is consistent with WoL research in Article 19. He speaks out his ample experience with cancer research activities that this technique is a proven failed technique. Instead of injecting proteins like the older vaccines, the new injections insert mRNA instructions to the cell to make foreign proteins. No one knows what kinds of proteins the cell produces from these instructions and there is no way to test and analyze. This foreign protein Dr. Rasnick called viral protein interchangeably, we need to be explicitly clear in terminology and impression it makes, so we will replace the word “viral” with “foreign”. The immune system does not like foreign materials inside the body, so it will try to fight, contain, or kill them. Immune system will find out that the cells are producing the foreign materials so it will go after the cells eventually. Again, no one knows the real outcomes (not even the makers), and we can imagine illnesses, disease, and sudden death. David strongly suspects that someone in high-rank knew the catastrophic outcome, but wanted it intentionally. The interviewer comments that her son got Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) from getting a flu shot. Incidentally, the concept of the cells producing foreign proteins is cancer, but mRNA case is like sudden cancer. Cancer is a slow chronic process for the body to shut down some cells, tissues, or organ to store away toxins.

Injecting genetic material is so destructive like nuking your body as opposed to bombing your body with old vaccines (1:09:35). Human body has a very complex eco system with hormones that makes chemical signals. Ace2 receptors are signal receivers for hormone communications within the body. The genetic nanoparticles target the ace2 receptors of cells to malfunction. David knows for sure it would cause problems, but for specific problems, we just have to wait and see. Again, the makers do not know either. They do not describe all the materials in the injection either. These new genetic nanoparticles, he distinguishes them from the word vaccine because hidden complexity and possible dangerous outcomes are extremely worrisome in another level. David confesses that he used to believe vaccines (old ones) give some sort of protections they claim to do, but he admits he was wrong and that they were all dangerous. Polio, whooping cough, and measles disappeared on the own, but vaccine makers took credit for it.

True scientists like to converse, argue, and prove each other wrong. This is their drive to find the truths. Talking/conversing is true tool for learning and discovering truths. Without this act, science is dead. Physician license regulations silence them and impose fear on them to be their true self. Here is the book Dr. Rasnick mentioned during the interview. Note the WoL puts this up right away although we have not read it yet.

Disciplined Minds

PDF file medical publication by Jeff Schmidt -A Critical Look at Salaried Professionals and the Soul-battering System That Shapes Their Lives- ISBN 0-7425-1685-7

David mentioned about Prof. Peter H. Duesberg, which will help us understand Peter’s evolution. WoL learned more advanced info and truths about retroviruses, that they are all nonsense, before we ran into some of Prof. Peter H. Duesberg works and activities. We frowned on overall status of Prof Duesberg because anyone can see his confused indecisive positions and inconsistencies. We saw his inner struggles through his footprints, but Dr. Rasnick explained here (1:23:27). Prof. Peter H. Duesberg was an initial retrovirus believer who spent a great fraction of his life studying them and trying to find cure for cancers, believing viruses caused cancer. His assumption on existence of viruses make his position weak and vulnerable when he was standing up for disproving HIV/AIDS lies. The whole truth about him is somewhat like Dr. Stefan Lanka, PhD in Microbiology, Dr. David Rasnick, PhD in Biochemistry, and some others in WoL Article 16. He is a remorseful retrovirus believer who suspected the truths but accepted them late. Many of his publications describe: 1) much doubts and small probability numbers as conclusion that certain virus could be the cause for cancer and other illnesses; 2) explicit statements conclusively that retrovirus as health risk can be safely rejected (Cancer Research 1987), but he only gives up chasing retroviruses late in his career. Dr. Stefan Lanka is a great ideal example who accepted the whole truth quickly in his life and completely turned himself around. We cannot see this action in Prof. Duesberg’s life, but still he was the pioneer force who stood between the massive forces of liars in regards to HIV/AIDS topics 1980s--1990s. The greatest money maker for drug sellers and unethical doctors is incurable disease, and people who are chronically sick. The vaccines, on the other hand, target money making scheme from healthy people and to make them sick. The whole human race is the potential customers for vaccines. That is why they want to push it without any liability.

- War on Lies (WoL) will amend or extend on the topics about relationship between Prof. Peter H. Duesberg and Dr. David Rasnick, and hemophilia research activities he mentions briefly. WoL presented exactly as David says without considering other sources and facts. His claim that injecting nanoparticles into nucleus of the cells producing the desired “Factor 8” protein cannot be found in any medical publication, according to Dan Hawley’s comment in WoL private discussion. Dan further pointed out that Prof. Duesberg was not always honest with David in their collaborations. David found the truths about retroviruses (that they are nonsense) from elsewhere. Had he been working continuously with Peter, he would have been blindsided all his life. In short, we at WoL are not sure 100% this can be done or it was done as David claimed (9/25/2023).

Website of Dr. David Rasnick, PhD in Biochemistry:

Death of Science with Tammy Garcia Interviewing Dr. David Rasnick- 91min

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