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Money Creation and Bank Operation Controls


Prof. Richard Werner and Mr. David Icke

Date: 6/14/2023
Subjects: Freedom, money, banks, and economics.
ID: Article 14.

In order to achieve freedom, we need to understand money to make money. Definition of freedom is having choices. Without money, there is no or very little choice. Without money, we are all prisoners. Without money, there is no or very little choice. Depositing money to banks legally means you are loaning money to bank. Central bank only creates 3% of money, 97% is created by all other banks. When the credit system busts, central bank purchases all those non-performing loans-- as if wiping them clean. The law about how much the smaller banks can loan is the only limit. Credit creation comparative with GDP growth is lending guideline. Credit for asset transaction means lending to invest in stocks, and hedge funds (lending to invest). Bank regulators have to order them to lend money for real businesses. This is an area where a lot of corruptions occur. Banks being the middleman is supposed to be tiny, but they are draining out a lot from the economy. Nowadays, the values banks adding to economy is ambiguous.

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-Daniel Hawley

Prof. Richard Werner Explains How Banking Works- 34min

Shocking Truths about Billionaires & The Money System- by David Icke- 11min

How Banks Create Money Out of NOTHING- 16min

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