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Evil Dangers of Psychiatry


Professor Dr. Thomas Szasz

Date: 5/3/2023
Subjects: Mental health, mental illness, psychiatrists, and psychiatry.
ID: Article 7.

Scams and potent dangers of fake medical discipline psychiatry is devouring the freedom of humans, human rights of the world, and the USA. Powerful evil lurking behind this field (or realm) needs public awareness light to shine on the darkness. War-on-lies (WoL) library organizes and complies scattered resources and presents clear impression. Example places are mainly focused on the USA and the England. Before detail contents, here are the main URL(s) for further explorations for the people who are more vigorous. These URLs below, however, list many other topics, reports, discussions, and activities, so someone can drown in them.

https://www.cchrint.org/ -- Citizens Commission on Human Rights International
https://youtube.com/c/FreeThought -- Professor Dr. Thomas Szasz’s Youtube channel
https://m.youtube.com/user/CCHRInt -- CCHR Youtube channel

“Stop psychiatric coercion! With truth we can defend against others lies and protect ourselves from others delusions in this world. Without the truth is like being stranded in the ocean without a life jacket.”

-Daniel Hawley

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We begin with two minutes quick intro video by Professor Dr. Thomas Szasz. “Mental health profession today is a molestation (it’s intrusive). Children, old people, and prisoners are victims.”

Intro: Challenge Initiated

Dr. Mary Ann Block warns gravely ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper-active Disorder) are just a labels (a made-up lie, not problems), not medical disease and there is no cure. They are more like young children behaviors. Giving drugs to “solve or cure” those problems creates real damages and problems on the kids, parents, and the whole world. Real medical disease and illnesses develop from taking those drugs for fake (labeled) metal illnesses. Proposed solution is perhaps parents and the environment is the cause of the problem for the child not paying much attention. Parents who don’t talk and listen attentively to the child, the child may scream, cry, and do many annoying behaviors, but the child will become trained to not pay attention in the long run.

No More ADHD Mental Illness Lie

Quick one minute video here tells more than words that ADHD is a label, not a Disease.

ADHD is a label, not a Disease

Quick two minutes video here tells more than words that childhood behaviors are not a mental disorders.

Childhood is Not a Mental Disorder

https://www.cchrint.org/ website advertising its activities to challenge ADHD. Quick one minute video here tells more than words. Read on and watch on this page about truths revealed intellectually.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights International Issued a Public Challenge

Decided not by medical discovery, new fact, or studies, but a group of psychiatrists (American Psychiatric Association, who were homosexuals or sympathizers) voted to nullify homosexuality, which has been classifying as real mental illness for years.

Is Homosexuality a Mental Illness?

Quick five minutes video here on street interviews with real psychiatrists spotlights Psychiatry as: No Science, No Cures. Many real doctors and psychiatrists (quacks) testifying that psychiatry is a fraudulent medical practice, yet these people wrongly have much impact and authorities in legal, political, and societal roles.

Interviewing psychiatrists on Psychiatry: No Science, No Cures!

In the quick five minutes video, Dr. Szasz presents that "psychiatrists use ‘diagnostic’ terms to stigmatize and control people.” These exact words from Dr Szasz point out to similarity in common trick liars use to scare and apprehend someone by using ‘big words' (unfamiliar uncommon vocabulary). Smart people who hears a strange word or edgy controversial word would immediately try to clarify or request a definition to it, but most mothers (and victims) are not that educated (sophisticated) to know better how to react. No behavior is a disease!

Psychiatrists Use ‘Diagnostic’ Terms to Stigmatize and Control People

In the quick nine minutes video, Dr. Jeffrey A. Schaler presents an award to Dr. Szasz for staying up right to truths in his life-long works. "Brain image, and blood analysis cannot determine mental illness. Psychiatric diseases are invented-- not discovered."

Psychiatric Diseases are Invented-- not Discovered

In this five minutes video of CCHR co-founder, Dr. Thomas Szasz, attacks psychiatrists but rightly so. Psychiatrists, the reject lowlife halfwits of the academic world, united and became powerful. Now they invented a weapon called "The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)," a book full of names for “disease”, which classifies any human behavior is a disease. Psychiatrists are too dumb to be classified scientists because they can’t do math, and they don’t have the perseverance and respectable mindset to be able to fully pursuit real medical field. Thus, they are called halfwit rejects who are like joker clowns that can’t fit in anywhere. Do not underestimate their abilities to exercise their evil whims onto the world. They are united abominations.

Dr. Thomas Szasz Colorfully Describes Personalities of Psychiatrists

Dr. Thomas Szasz host a public discussion in this video. This is an opening 15 minutes video of the event. Definition for Mental Illness cannot be achieved because it’s not true or real as compliant with scientific principles. Homosexuality is “mental illness” that fits all classical criteria in the field of psychology, but a group of American Psychiatrists voted on it to nullify.

Dr. Thomas Szasz's Pulic Discussion of Psychiatry- Opening Video (Part I)

Dr. Thomas Szasz's Pulic Discussion of Psychiatry video 2. Is denial of “mental illness” a denial of suffering? If suffering is real, what’s the solution? Solution is personal responsibility. Help isn’t drugs, magical portion, but others who have time, money, energy, and resources to give them care, emotional support, and companionship. Coercion via laws (the political acts as solution) creates loophole to demonize freedom. What can/should anyone do if someone doesn’t want to live anymore? NOTHING via coercion! If someone forces this issue, the societal rules (laws) will form loopholes to abuse freedom and rights of others. “Psychiatry and Psychiatrists [are] called sewers of society”, Dr. Thomas Szasz. In open conversations video, he takes questions and criticisms from the listeners. Time: 22 minutes.

What’s the solution to suffering? (Part II)

Dr. Thomas Szasz's Pulic Discussion of Psychiatry video 3. Dr. Szasz spotlights on the unjust tendencies, and outcomes in real life. "Consequences of slavery are very much alive in America today. Individuals have God given [life] responsibility/obligation to inform themselves. If you don’t live up to that [responsibility and standard], you are a dead duck." A magical word psychiatry and psychiatrists use to scare people is ‘clinical’. Saying 'you have a depression' is different from saying 'you have a clinical depression', which makes no sense in disgusting way! CCHR helps victim people in metal hospitals and prisons get out. Further moral, and legal implications with example situations are discussed. Time: 22 minutes.

The Function of Psychiatry (Part III)

Dr. Thomas Szasz's Pulic Discussion of Psychiatry video 4. Discussion continues with questions taken from audience. Theme orients around “the role of the state.” Capitalism and socialism are compared and commented on. He highlights [talking and listening is] a service in enormous need in modern society. Unfortunately, it cannot be free because time is a precious commodity. A lot of valuable comparisons between the USA and England’s political systems are discussed. “Instead of the Church and State union, [now] we have medicine, pharmacology, [and] drug union with the state.” Hypocrisies, inconsistencies, insanity, and chaos reach its critical mass. Time: 33 minutes.

The Role of the State (Part IV)

Dr. Thomas Szasz says, “We need abortion in psychiatry.” Time: 5 minutes.

We Need Abortion in Psychiatry.

What's Wrong with Psychiatry? A Psychiatrist Explains... Time: 2 minutes.

What's Wrong with Psychiatry?

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Psychiatry is a pseudoscience. A fake! A lie! Psychiatrists are quacks with legal status that protects them from being labeled dangerous liars. They don’t go researching under microscope, blood sample, chemical analysis, x-ray, or anything scientific about the diseases and illnesses. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) produced a book of lie called The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) and they secretively talked among themselves behind closed doors and vote on what is to be called a “mental illness” problem. They vote for the best interest of their employer pharmaceutical companies. Everyone will fit into DSM and can be called a crazy person legally! No brain scan image can ever determine mental illness. Time: 11 minutes.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)

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