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The Body’s Ability to Fight Cancer


Billy Best the runaway cancer patient

Date: 8/22/2023
Subjects: Cancer, chemotherapy, essiac tea, Billy Best, 714X treatment, Hodgkin's lymphoma.
ID: Article 20.

A sixteen-year-old teenager Billy Best has a form of cancer called Hodgkin’s lymphoma. As usual, the hospital pressures, intimidates, and lies the patient and the family. Billy Best reluctantly starts the chemotherapy, but his keen self-sensory awareness alarms him that he would die or live with permanent body injuries or defect if he lets this chemotherapy go on. Hospitals are dangerous conniving places. They use coercion and all available legal exercises they can to subjugate the young patients and the parents. The various people from the hospital staff shamelessly and irresponsibly make serious written medical documentations about how Billy’s medical condition will get worse at specific times, and that he will die in two years if he does not do chemotherapy. The parents do not know their choices but to comply with the “suggestions” (more like orders). Billy has to run away to save himself. This case becomes a national news that hits the TV shows. After a few months, Billy reconnects with his parents and returns home. The hospital still tries to double-cross the parents filing the legal status that the parents put the child “at risk” by agreeing with the child not to take chemotherapy. If the patient is an adult, they have other legal means at their disposal to try to subjugate the patient with coercion, such as some bogus “mental health” evaluation to turn perfectly sane human being to their evil will (see WoL Article 7). Billy Best triumphs in this case. He describes the hospital environment as “killing his soul” (like hell). He does not want to be part of it. He does not like them, and trust them for good reasons. His aunt died from her breast cancer chemotherapy; they told him his condition was genetic and that there was nothing he could do or nothing he did wrong that could have been avoided; and he has no other options but to take chemotherapy. He thinks all the drugs and broken wrist treatment with surgeries that happened to him about two years ago may be the cause for cancer at 16 years old. He would be entitled to a winning lawsuit if he could prove it. Billy finds his ways contrary to all the “professional” medical treatments and advice from the hospital. Billy is just an average American teenage boy from apparently humble “middle-class” family.

He describes changes in his diet to organic foods or foods that would yield maximum nutrition and energy while using minimal initial body energy and efforts to break it down. He would describe the details in his book written in regards to his case. He mentions “Essiac tea” as another important keyword to follow. Essiac is a natural herb that can find abundantly at most backyards or in the parks. By following that keyword one can find also other cancer fighting herbs and plants, such as burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm, Indian Rhubarb root, watercress, blessed thistle, red clover, and kelp. Human body has ability to sense the improvement in conditions as fast as within 30 seconds for high-level trained martial artists, and most average people who do not numb themselves with drug abuse can achieve self-sensory awareness like Billy has in 2hrs to 24hrs when they are on the right path to cure. Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a disease cause from malfunction lymphatic system, which is a white blood cell transport system, where lymphocytes (white blood cells) live. Lymphocytes abnormally grow causing these lymph node vessels and glands to swell up dangerously. Billy finds 714X treatment. Gaston Naessens, a French biologist from Canada, invented this simple compound, which is 94% water, 5% nitrate, and tiny amounts of sodium, chloride, and camphor. The 714X treatment is to be injected to a location of a lymph node. The hospital doctors scare Billy again that he would hit femoral artery, causing hematoma formation or hemorrhage (internal bleeding) and die from self-serve injection, but they won’t help either. If hematoma formation or hemorrhage occurs, it is not the end. Incidentally, WoL scholar Christopher McGrath cured all his injuries from martial arts activities. In all the ugly damaged skin tissues with hematoma case, bloods and chunks of skins will peel off to form new muscles, tissues, and skins that look just like before but better and stronger.

Billy learns to do injection by himself and succeeds in curing the cancer disease in two month. The tactics doctors use to scare a patient is always coming up with a body part name that most people are not familiar with, but they never provide definition or explanation. Femoral artery or any artery is not a dead spot where a needle puncture would cause a sudden death. The body can repair the needle hole in the artery almost immediately and stop the blood loss similar to skin cuts. Not that anyone should test it without proper training, but in case of the accident. Just what Billy says, “the body is designed with ability to fight cancer on its own”. The body has the abilities to cure, and repair almost anything. Billy is an active skateboarder strong young man. Strength and exercises are always the key in curing diseases. The hospital could argue that their chemotherapy could cure him too. His aunty is dead. Chemotherapy is dangerous, can cause more cancer (because of the radiation), and can kill if the cancer does not kill. Billy proves everything the hospital tells him is wrong.

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-Daniel Hawley

Testimony of Billy Best Cancer Case - 14min

Billy Best Cancer Case on TV Broadcast - 14min

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