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Deductive Reasoning Guideline for Virus Investigation


Dr.Tom Cowan

Date: 4/24/2023.
Subjects: Deductive Reasoning Guideline application, virology and virus lies, COVID-19, corona virus, mRNA, SAR-CoV2, and medical science.
ID: Article 3.

Dr.Tom Cowan presents guideline for us to prove or disprove virus existence-- very intuitive logical deduction. He provides academic paper sources and goes through some key points to spotlight on deceptions in the languages, and communication styles they presents. He points out pictures of viruses are just decayed cells and software constructed models of images are made-up bits of proteins, DNA, RNA, and other human cell bits, but never a whole isolated virus was ever discovered or proven to present. He introduces other possibilities why humans get sick. Here are some of the scholar article URLs and this Powerpoint:


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