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Medical Expedition to Truths- Reasons for Illness


Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Mark Bishofsky

Date: 4/28/2023.
Subjects: Virology and virus lies, COVID-19, Corona Virus, mRNA, SAR-CoV2, reasons for illness, medical science, and vaccine Injection.
ID: Article 6.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Mark Bishofsky cover statistics being key in western medical researches. Most doctor don’t understand much of the language (statistics in a mathematical discipline) and descriptions in the papers. The authors (college students and teachers), and key people in those research activities are not honest; communication protocols with Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) are colluding with secrets (non-democratic, non-elected people) with no transparencies. Applying real ‘Scientific Method Steps’, taught to us since eight grades in science classes, these activities and the papers disqualify.

Reminiscent and compliant to other War-On-Lies posts from different sources about existence of virus being a lie. Origin of Virus traces back to Spanish Flu virus ‘proof’, which was ridiculous lying research activity that became pinnacle to virus theory. Discussions point virus existence and vaccines to fight them is money scamming scheme slowly but strongly materialized over time. Use of Polio as example to contend virus existence explained and debunked in thorough clear coverage. Immune system is redefined.

Two doctors maintain honest discussions with compliments and disagreements. Shocking treatments practices forced onto by systems are exposed, which were imposed on them by their hospital policies. Dr. Mark Bishofsky admits he’s not a scientist as opposed to many ignorant doctors nowadays who think they are scientists. Scientific hypothesis about how other materials in environment affect organisms and illness is discussed.

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Action on World of Deceptions


Dr. Andrew Kaufman and others

Date: 8/28/2023.
Subjects: Virology and Virus, Koch’s Postulate, COVID-19, Corona, mRNA, SAR-CoV2, Contagion, Science, and Vaccine.
ID: Article 6-B.


The discussion of the four people will inspire ideas for what we can do in our community and individual efforts. Many of the topics touch in discussion are not scholarly analytical here in depth because they are not new, but available on other WoL articles. The discussions give strongest ideas about current trends in our immediate surroundings. Dr. Kaufman explains that in today’s medical world, the rigged system makes roles of the doctors bogus and useless. Any kind of clinic, hospital, or medical practice place want doctors only to purchase their medical license and more specifically, the “prescription pad” (11:00).

Example of a prescription pad is below, which contains the preprinted name, category of licensure, license number, federal controlled substance registration number, and address of the prescribing practitioner.
doctor prescription pad

The real goal of these places were to have some under-the-table deal system setup between them and the pharma (drug sellers) to have patients come buy drugs from them. They need a human for the patients to trust and talk to, but the real goal is not to have the doctor try to cure or solve the problem, but prescribe drugs. The doctor’s medical license is expensive and controlled too. Nevertheless, it is needed to operate the rigged system. Doctor tells the patients to go buy drugs. We know at WoL deeper in the prescription process. The doctors are not at liberty or ignorant to prescribe the drugs. Most medical places have on-call system in effect, in which the doctor will call up a standing-by bogus pharmacologist or some diagnostic specialist with bogus high-degree like PhD, who use software system, or flow-chart systems to derive what to do or what drugs to recommend. We can see humans are just for the appearance in the whole show. The pharma world have successfully have this kind of disgusting firm grip on the medical practices. Most of the doctors do not know all the drugs in market and their intended functionalities, side effects, the chemical contents, histories, and other important facts. The system uses them and forces them to use the tools in place which makes the pharma drugs sales most efficient.


Koch’s Postulate

1. The microorganism must be found in the diseased animal, and not found in healthy animals.
2. The microorganism must be extracted and isolated from the diseased animal and subsequently grown in culture.
3. The microorganism must cause disease when introduced to a healthy experimental animal.
4. The microorganism must be extracted from the diseased experimental animal and demonstrated to be the same microorganism that was originally isolated from the first diseased animal.

Doc Kaufman mentions Koch’s Postulate (25:36) was taught at his medical schools and others, but never followed but lied even in their high-level textbooks and classrooms that vaccines, and viruses were compliant with it. Nowadays, they are not even lying anymore. Koch’s Postulate becomes high-school biology joke, or some other low-level college topics to confuse and slip by the unsuspecting young inexperience students. Moreover, we can see many footprints everywhere in the medical world at present to undo this in order for people to accept the germ theory, and virus theory, so the pharma companies can make money. Most of the drugs invented, and germs/virus claimed to cause disease violate all four numbers in the postulate. As an example, we can see the extracted quotes from an article “But in a world in which viruses cause cancer and noncultivable bacteria can be demonstrated by molecular probes, Koch's postulates are no longer fit for purpose. What is more, used uncritically they have the potential to mislead” ☠. The whole sentence above is a deadly lie insinuating viruses cause cancer (not true) and made-up word “noncultivable bacteria” (there is none) is used to make confusing false impression.

Doc Kaufman inspires people in the medical field using the words “medical truther” to break away from the evil system and do spiritual pursuit to become better people, which is to pursuit the truths (33:07). He points out the mainstream system is structured to lead us to fear and distrust each other. The viruses and bacteria are not the cause of sickness and there is no such contagious ways disease spread. We only make each other sick by mistreating each other with hate and poison. The poison he means literally feeding others poisons, such as pesticides, contaminated water, and etc. Someone in discussion brings out an idea about engaging talks with a school superintendent (33:58). We do not know that superintendents of the school districts have their own authority to make policies. These people are public servants. Citizens can reach out to them to propose good ideas and interests for public. The man shares his story that he wants to make public opinion presentation of the other side of vaccines, viruses, contagion theories, mask mandates, and so on at a school. The superintendent refuses to allow. This is an unreasonable blockage of freedom of speech and public information. There might be possible legal pursuit to look into this topics. In the mean times, other responsible medical truthers should try similar approach at their locations. The superintendents blindly follows the state or federal “guidelines”, but they are not required to do so by law. Dr. Kaufman presents his experience with his kids at private schools they are going. The private school behaves the same way making unreasonable fear-induce policy with masks even for the parents to come attend discussion group at school. He says he pulls his kids out of the school and starts home-schooling them. He shares his experiences how the kids can learn better by themselves with indirect guideline from parents.

At time 42:54, discussion topic focuses on logical fallacies. In the world full of deceivers and liars, these mathematical and scientific concepts that can be applied to authentication issues and topics are hidden in many educational curriculums and systems. Especially, the young people in high-school or even lower grade levels are perfectly capable of learning them, but the mainstream educational system subtly is suppressing or hiding it from the people. Everyone should take note of these keywords and study it-- even if you are an adult not in school. Dr. Kaufman calls for boycott and protests to businesses and individuals who insists on wearing masks (52:00). Regards to this absurd practice and paranoia, NYS changed its state law quickly to accommodate the evil (54:07). It used to be the opposite for having the clear identifications to prevent criminal behaviors. Nowadays, the criminals have the law on their side to conceal their facial identity with masks to commit seedy crimes in broad daylight. The mask also discourages people from freely communicating with each other in good will. Communication is an essential godly aptitude for people to live in good communities. Note how NYS can quickly change the laws when they want to. This reveals the laws do not necessary represent the will of the people, but rather a secretive group dictating rules in disguise. At time (55:00--59:00), Dr. Kaufman covers again how all the contagion studies in scientific and academic communities, and even government secret agencies and other activities reached consistent conclusions for contagion in any disease and illnesses. The conclusion is that there is no contagion. The CIA case study about gonorrhea contagion is noteworthy to highlight. Most informative people in the world have heard of the fearful sexually transmitted disease. However, the information was incorrect about its contagion and not many people have heard of this secret CIA government sponsored case study, which produced 0 transmission in all cases. Takeaway words of wisdom from Dr. Kaufman is to test the observations via forming the hypothesis on individual levels. Do research on your own and live a life free from fears. Someone may find interesting results, but he states firmly viruses, germs, and bacteria are not the cause of disease. Injuries, wrong food, chemical poison or natural poisons are some causes of illness he states, but there are others. Learn from the mistakes, such as eating wrong food, exposing yourself to disease by neglecting sleep, and proper nutrition are some examples of mistakes.

☠ reference URL: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/medicine-and-dentistry/kochs-postulates

The Fallacies of Contagion - 73min

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