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Date: 11/18/2023
Subjects: Reinforcing previous articles with alternative information sources, but valuable added new information is present with health practices and treatments. Relating WoL articles to this are Article 21-B, Article 19, Article 18, Article 17, Article 16, Article 13, Article 11 and 11-B--F, Article 10, Article 6, Article 6-B, Article 5, Article 4, Article 3, and Article 2. Highlighted Relating articles are: Article 16 on the sub-topic PCR Test, and Article 19 on Healings.
ID: Article 22.

The terms germs, bacteria, and viruses are not clear in the minds of many people.

Germ Theory Explanation

Germs include both bacteria and viruses or “small things that can cause illnesses”. We use the word “things” but not microorganism because virus by definition is not a living particle. Bacteria on the other hand can be seen under normal microscopes and the main-stream medical world accepts there are good and bad bacteria, i.e. not all will cause illness. WoL definition, which is derived from many other famous doctors and scientists who pursue the real truths, describes there are no germs because no small things of the nature, whether virus (nonexistent) or bacteria (see A-19, 21, 21-B), cause illness. Chemical toxins, bad E-mag waves, mental strains (stress), exposure to “extreme temperatures”, physical strains, malnutrition, and other factors may cause illness, but NOT germs.

This is why the words “Germ Theory” is used even in main-stream medical world, not “Germ Theorem”. Theory means unproven, guessing, or opinion, but theorem is anything that has been scientifically proven.

The video in this article covers topics in the relating articles listed above, but it has very good new points, new info, and fulfillments to some of the topics like PCR Test that WoL announced that we would cover one day. The truths in medical science, especially in the topics of virology and vaccines, can be seen as firm foundational summary here, but also some new info. We will document the new highlights, and info in this article, but encourage new readers to explore the relating past articles-- because some important topics that appeared quickly in the long video here are covered in details at the past relating articles.

Bio-electric Mechanisms and Bio-resonance Communications

At time 0:48, Bio-electric mechanisms and bio-resonance communications share mental, pharmaceutical, and environmental, so certain people do get the same detox symptoms that we called disease (or cellular dis-ease). Note the words in highlights, which are revolutionary words but so correct to describe human life and its functionalities. The importance is to realize that the germs (bacteria and virus) are not the cause of the sickness. Again, viruses do not even exist. Nonexistence of viruses usually triggers a protest in the mind of semi-informed people about keywords, such as chicken pox, measles, STDs, polio, Spanish flu (and other types of flus), tuberculosis, and COVID-19. The “virus particles” were NOT the cause of illnesses, and the vaccines did not solve the problems. Most alarming fear the liars have imposed on others is contagion (ability of the viruses to infect others). Previous WoL articles have shown firmly that viruses are outrageous fictional lies and they do not exist from detail Cell Culture activities from the bogus labs from the past and present times. The PDF medical publication “Experiments to Determine Mode of Spread of Influenza” by Doctor Milton J. Rosenau is a firm source to back up the information about contagion like claims from CDC (the clown Anthony Fauci), WHO, and other institutions in the world are all false. Full PDF file is available to download from WoL server for rigorous scholars, but we will not embed it into this article and it is safe to skip reading this PDF publication.

Spanish Flu and Vaccine Case Analysis

For 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, study of contagion was done. The US Navy, US Public Health Service, and Dr. Milton J. Rosenau, MD did it. The study was legit, for the sample number they used (100), control variables, and methods were all scientifically compliant. The spraying and other close-contact methods they used to simulate the airborne infection produced no contagion. The methods intensified to swallowing the disgusting mucus (and other waste samples), and even reached to injecting blood and mucus from sick people, but produced no contagion. All these activities were qualified controlled experiments and satisfactory to scientific statistical research. There were other a few contagion statistical researches that produced the same results if anyone needs more evidence to be convinced that contagion theory is false. At time 00:15:13, the source indicates the vaccines given to the soldiers caused Spanish Flu, “Swine Flu Expose" by Dr. Eleanora I McBean. Also at 17:17, the Spanish Flu “spreading” in the US was because the vaccinations given to the US soldiers, as explained with firm reasoning via map is a strong evidence.

Complete official release of hundreds of illnesses and diseases caused by vaccines, titled “Cumulative Analysis of post-authorization Adverse Event Reports of pf-07302048,” which is often referenced in the video that Pfizer and other vaccine crooks have been hiding, can be downloaded. Shockingly, the vaccines also caused Black Death cases. At time 19:00, vaccine-cause diseases, such as brain damage, high fever, extreme weakness, intestinal disturbance, typhoid, chills and fever, lung congestions, all together are symptoms of Black Death. Vaccine also causes paralysis, polio, and lockjaw.

In previous WoL articles, there may be comments about radar and electromagnetic waves from it as suspect for Spanish Flu origin, which we do not reject entirely for the origin of the sicknesses, but new findings definitely authenticate that the vaccines made the case into a “pandemic”. Clarification is needed for the way references are made in the video about serious illnesses and diseases from vaccines about whether the reference publication shown in the video is for the Spanish Flu or COVID-19. The list is for both the Spanish Flu and COVID-19. All vaccines are a scam manufactured in similar way from disgusting and dangerous cell-culture gunk that makes no relevant protection or relation at all to the “virus”, which also is a bogus scam. Additional dangers are added with heavy metals, such as aluminum and mercury compounds.

Case of Masha and Dasha the twin with measles case, 23:40, is an eye-opening real scientific proof that chicken pox, measles, flu, and many other so-called germs and viral illnesses are not contagious and main-stream medical world knows very little about them and that their assumed knowledge, treatments, and vaccines are all bogus.

DDT and Polio

DDT the pesticide, which is a form of neurotoxin (lead-arsenate and other chemicals) caused polio. Not to be confused with vaccines also causing polio. We can deduce that poisons (whether DDT or the vaccine) make us sick, but some poisons that attacked our nervous system can cause permanent damages and can be difficult to repair. A tragic scene in the video of people happily receiving DDT teaches us to be on guard with knowledge and responsibility. Lesson to be learn at 26:40 is that in medical world (just like lawyers, crooks, liars, and politicians), the crooked doctors, scientists, and professionals do name-calling (branding) of diseases to intimidate, confound, and deceive unsuspecting trusting victims. Note gray matter is an important medical term that is defined as a major component of the central nervous system, consisting of neuronal cell bodies, neuropil (dendrites and unmyelinated axons), glial cells (astrocytes and oligodendrocytes), synapses, and capillaries. Every cell contains small amount of gray matter is highlighted as new info to note about cell analysis and anatomy, which was covered at previous WoL articles. We can see useless name calling and branding in the medical world in regards to polio and its vaccines causing illnesses, 26:42. See the PDF file as comprehensive medical problems caused by all vaccines up to modern-day COVID-19 vaccines.

Virology Replay

Note 29:42 has ingredients to making Cell Culture that are not in previous WoL documents. In attempts to prove (fake) the virus existence, the lab-clowns disprove it with their own actions, which a keen reader can recognize from reading their publication. Also, the video reveals new info about electron microscope which produces 150--300 degree Celsius heat beams to construct images out of its electron beams scattering and bouncing. The heat that high will definitely damage the objects in observation. In overall takeaway, nothing major is new with previous info on WoL articles, but this video contains an easy to understand version and many valuable fill-in info yet consistent with other academic-like professional presentations and podcasts from truthful doctors and scientists we already covered. Virus size is no longer an issue that virus is too small a particle to be seen or analyzed because in the world of science and engineering, things much smaller, such as IBM 2 nanometer sheet chip, and various bacteriophage capsids, are seen and analyzed, 52:20. The virologists hide behind the words “too small to see” to keep their lies going.

PCR Test Explanation

At 00:55:38, PCR Test is explained very nicely here. PCR Test for any bogus virus-related illness has specific questions for rigorous scholar to ponder. PCR Test for COVID-19 has its own set of specifics, which are beyond the scope to cover all here. However, the video covers the good-enough info for non-rigorous readers to understand the basics. The previous announcements about taking raincheck from WoL to cover the PCR ends here. Nevertheless, rigorous readers should research further on the topics of DNA, and PCR Test. We will highlight or clarify some confusions in the video here. The human genome consisting 3.2 billion vs. 6.4 billion as controversy is simply in some cases the number represents only one side of the DNA strand as opposed in others where it represents both sides. The length of the letters (the nucleotides), the initial primers of the DNA for PCR Test for COVID-19, is in the rage of 18-30 nucleotides(not 300 as error in the video). The minimum amount of letters in the RNA (the in-silico genome of the so-called virus) to match the patient’s DNA is 15--20 nucleotides. Genome sequencing methods of Maxam Gilbert and Sanger are of interest, but WoL cannot cover these topics in this article. Lastly, the drug companies made vaccine out of in-silico genome (fake gnome) within one hour, time 1:13:00, for COVID-19. They were just shamelessly lying to themselves with statistical tests (they call trial, research, or science) and making a little suspense to lie and say it is safe.

Cell Cultures of Cytopathogenic Agents

Previous WoL articles have some info about the ingredients of this disgusting brew of junks they call Cell Culture to make up a virus and a vaccine later, but the video here covers it again and we can have full medical publication source in PDF, 1:18:34, Propagation in Tissue Cultures of Cytopathogenic Agents from Patients with Measles, by John F. Enders and Thomas C. Peebles. This big problem about vaccines and viruses came from Louis Pasteur, 1:20:33. If we search this name, we would see it like a decorated hero everywhere with advanced degrees in multiple sciences and accomplishments in beer, food, and medicinal works, such as this link. However, this man Louis Pasteur was a very effective cheat and a liar, especially in his research and experiments, until the time of his death. The truths only came out from someone discovering his self-admitted confessions in his diary, which was published only in year 1995 by Gerald L. Geison.

F. Rapp, I. Gordon, and R. F. Baker, 1:21:00 in video, made strong criticism in their medical publication, Observations of Measles Virus Infection of Cultured Human Cells , that cell cultures made from monkey kidney cells were self-deceiving procedures. Although this was done since the old days of virus study with measles cases and they were honest to point it out, unfortunately they did not admit explicitly to the extent that their findings were garbage and that viruses were not real. Thus, this outrageous action became norm in schools in the field of virology learning to use monkey kidneys as main ingredient in producing cell cultures to see or study viruses. There is new info about cell activities in the video at times 1:26:46 about how the cells communicate with other cells. Cells naturally contains particles, endosomes, released as exosomes particles that burst out to communicate with other cells. This info aligns with sick people cells breaking down or producing more proteins that can be found in blood and all over the body abundantly compared to healthy people.

Evil Corporations BlackRock and Vanguard Own the World

The observers usually describe who is responsible in the medical field as “Big Pharma” companies doing evil. Those big pharma companies are controlled by bigger two companies called BlackRock and Vanguard, 1:36:39, which are the same entities in the background. They own many stock shares effective in numbers to influence in decision makings in multiple companies and thus control the world.

Ingredients of COVID-19 Era Vaccines

Vaccine ingredients have some changes for COVID-19 era. The makers add yRNA (yeast RNA) and lung fluid sputum (nucleic acid) as new ingredients, bovine calf serum, monkey kidney tissues (meat) or aborted human fetus kidney tissues (new ingredients), bacteria, penicillin (antibiotics to kill off bacteria later), streptomycin (antibiotics), and amphotericin (fungicide). This stew they called a vaccine is claimed as alive because the bacteria and cells inside are supposedly not dead. Again, no one (the makers or anyone else) knows what it would turn into in their statistical "research" activities with little time they have until the time is long enough spreading in the real world. See the comprehensive list again. The above ingredients are bio-toxins, but there are chemical toxins in the vaccines too: ethyl glycol (antifreeze), formaldehyde (reserves dead bodies, carcinogenic), acetone (finger nail polish remover), aluminum phosphate (linked to cancer), mercury/thimerosol (cancer-causing-agent neurotoxin), aluminum, and phenol (carbolic acid disinfectant), 1:44:28. These dangerous chemical toxins enable this toxic stew to stay inside the body for a long time, causing difficulty for the body's immune system or antibodies to break down this foreign material and get rid of it. The body does not like them and the battle to get rid of them begins immediately, but that battle will go on for a long time. When there are signs of cancer in future, that means the body is gathering all that toxic stew at some spot and containing it. Moreover, the vaccine taker will have life-long allergy and other medical problems.

The Audacity to Publish Stupidity and Call it Science

Vaccines did not eradicate polio or any pandemic hysteria in history. The medical publication titled “A Virus Recovered from the Feces of Poliomyelitis Patients Pathogenic for Suckling Mice” by Gilbert Dalldorf provides new useful evidence that there was no polio virus ever found or polio is not contagious. The experimental activities are extremely stupid yet presented in fancy written language or uncommon English without much glossary and definition. The public needs to overcome the fear to read these kinds of medical publications due to the fancy language, but the content is nothing but audacious stupidity of the writers to document their absurd activities and call it medical science, 1:48:16.

Antigen Test for COVID-19

We know the PCR Test for COVID-19, but there is another called antigen test, which is just as a useless outrageous lie as PCR Test. For this test however, people can find out quickly by trying to test anything in the world with garbage stick device which indicates the results as a form of display to interpret. That stick device for antigen test would show inconsistent random results for COVID-19 positive from testing water, orange, lemon juice, papaya, engine oil, or anything else ridiculous to come up with positive, 2:03:04.

Antibody Activities

As published in WoL Article 21-B, antibodies are NOT specific to the toxins they have to deal with. A form of antibody that acts like internal glue in body called globulins acts as agent to bind back the breaking cells. The acidity level or detergent level of the globulins changes its binding strength. Healthy and strong person can get rid of the problems like internal damages, or external wounds quicker compared to weak or sick person. Virologists lied to the public saying that specific architecture of the knobs on the specific viruses requires specific substance (antibody compound) like a key to fit a lock in to neutralize or kill that virus particle in the body. The globulins do not form into specific geometric shapes to match any geometric shape the imaginary virus might have in its knobs. This concept truly is amazingly absurd childish imagination coming out of educated adults who claimed to be scientists with self-contradicting irrelevant concepts, which they have the audacity to spout out without any proof or slightest backing of their claims whatsoever.

Any kind of disturbance or damage the body receive, it wakes up the repairing system to get to work. No one knows the exact activities in the repair process, but we can easily deduce multiple activities to attend to by repairing system or “immune system”. The vaccine containing all kinds of bio-chemical toxins and foreign materials, that would not normally get inside the body by ordinary means, but unnatural action like injection, will trigger the repairing system within the body to start working immediately, 2:06:08. Antibody can have variations of forms within human body. Globulins are just one kind of antibody, but there are others. They can all be classified as proteins, but those proteins can have different chemical compositions. Antibody activities do not have to be triggered only for foreign living particles like “germs”, a person receiving a bruise or cut, doing exercises, exposure to poison, going through pregnant period for women, and almost any activities that do external or internal damage to the body will trigger the antibodies. In fact, in order to be healthy, we should always be active, doing something or some form of damage, like exercising to keep ourselves flowing with antibodies (the repairing agents). The body’s reaction to poisoning and adjuvants found in vaccines, such as aluminum salts, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, and aluminum potassium sulfate, is that when the body is poisoned, holes are torn in the cells by these poisons and the cells are destroyed. Antibodies like globulins repair the cells. Antibody count or present of antibody for anything has nothing to do with whether a person had, is having, or will have certain illness, according to the video. Further research or experiment is needed to study antibodies. Here is a place to start with keywords and problems. The idea about the virus receptors (the spikes) having the specific geometry is an insult to mathematics, and geometry.

Periodical Disease Outbreaks in the World

Evidence of vaccines causing new illnesses and disease is periodical, 2:19:14, but the crooks behind keep coming up with new names and hysterical pandemic outcries. We can also see the pattern of these despicable liars always blaming the source of the illness to be from animals. In some cases, the countries of the origin do not even have the animals they blame in their natural habitat. Video has a good point about monkey pox breaking out in countries where there is no monkey. Johns Hopkins, World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations are some of the institutions to identify as evil. We can see the disgusting outbreaks of pox or shingles on periodical data presentation in the video because of the vaccines, 2:22:22, which the vaccine makers do not and cannot even hide anymore because of the judge order. Again here is the list of comprehensive illnesses and diseases caused by vaccines, which is published by the vaccine makers.

Explanation and Treatment Ideas for Pox Disease

Pox-like disease expression on normal and natural circumstances are caused by vitamin A and B deficiency, 2:22:30, such as Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Chicken Pox, Shingles, Polio, Rotavirus, and Pneumonia are caused by vitamin A, B deficiency. Twelve Mineral Salts (A.K.A. 12 Cell Salts) are very important for health, 2:22:34. Below is the list with general purpose for each:

Calcium Fluoride- joint pains, skin illnesses, varicose veins;
Calcium phosphate- back pains, blood circulation disturbances, regeneration;
Iron phosphate- fever, cold, inflammations;
Potassium chloride- overweight, pharyngitis, rhinitis;
Potassium phosphate- exhaustion, impulse weakness, sleeplessness;
Potassium sulphate- asthma, eczemas, sinusitis;
Magnesium phosphate- cramps, migraine, pain;
Sodium chloride- diabetes, dry skin, rheumatism;
Sodium phosphate- raised blood lipid concentration, furnace mouth, overweight;
Sodium sulphate- cold, digestive weakness, headache;
Silica- connective tissue weakness, arteriosclerosis, defensive weakness;
Calcium sulphate- arthrosis, pus, rheumatism;

Bed bug bites, medicinal and environmental toxins, collagen deficiency can trigger pox outbreaks and other illnesses.

Collagen Rich Food for Skin, Bone, and Joint

Bell peppers, egg whites, citrus, chicken, seafood, bone broth, berries, tropical fruits, garlic, cashews, tomatoes, leafy greens, and beans are collagen rich food. Collagen is a protein in the body that provides structure to the connective tissue. Collagen is protein glue that binds the skin layers. Over time and with aging, collagen production decreases causing less elasticity in the skin. Eating collagen rich food can help with Joint pain, skin wrinkles, and bone deterioration. Note, too much sugar in body can destroy collagen. Oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body. Oxidative stress causes collagen loss or damage and can be extremely destructive to skin. Lifestyle: radiation, pollution, heavy metals in the body, smoking, alcohol consumption, adequate or inappropriate diet, exercise, training or untrained condition, contribute to oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress can bring in all kinds of disease to the body. Below is the categorized disease, disorder, or illnesses for specific organs, 2:23:00:

Brain: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ADHD, Autism, Migraine, Insomnia, Depression, Dementia, Bi-Polar Disorder, and Cancer;
Eyes: Macular Degeneration, Retinal Degeneration, and Cateracts;
Lungs: Asthma, COPD, Allergies, Chronic Bronchitis, and Cancer;
Heart: Heart Attack, Stroke, High Blood Pressure, Atherosclerosis, and Angina;
Kidney: Chronic Kidney Disease, and Renal Nephritis;

Big Pharma Lies

Many of the problems listed above cause pox (blisters, shingles, or bubbles) call it whatever, but they are very ugly, painful, and unclean in appearance. Vaccines cause the problems above some years later for the takers, not viruses coming into the world out of nowhere. Incidentally, we can always hear or read about virus being so deadly and contagious, but lab workers do not get infected whenever epidemic breaks out. Even the children wonder how do they experiment and work with these viruses to look at, be near the animals and people that are infected, and manufactured into vaccines if they can be very deadly and contagious. Big pharma took prairie dog disease image and put on their study lying as if the image shown is a cytopathic effect of their lab produced cell culture, but Dr. Kaufman caught it, 2:28:32. They would do anything to try to scare people because they get big money from the US Congress bills to fight the fake illnesses they create. Their ridiculous made-up explanations, lies in their published experiment reports is shameless. These medical papers use very uncommon English words, such as morphologically, cynomolgus, hemagglutination-inhibition, and many others with intent to confound and discourage the truth seekers, without definitions or the alternative expressions of these nonsensical medical terms that can be easily and briefly provided.

Feel free to email or call me about your thoughts in this topics or other ideas you might have, freedom@waronlies.org, +1-716-525-8089.

-Daniel Hawley

Investigating Casualties of Germ Theory and Vaccines - 155min


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