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Diabetes Case the Major USA Health Problem


Dr. Jason Fung and others

Date: 5/17/2023
Subjects: Type Two Diabetes false treatment, insulin makes diabetes worse, exercising, and proper foods.
ID: Article 9.

WoL presents investigation to a major USA health problem called diabetes. We focus on most possible truth among various resources to learn, and a takeaway idea, for solutions as well as roots of the problems. In doing so, we will also present beyond the medical solution, but lifestyle, and mentality of people who live to ascend in life, high-level martial artist(s), who know what they are doing with themselves without the involvement of the institutionalized doctors. WoL gravely caution some deceptive impressions, confusions, and ambiguous lies that are hidden in borrowed resources, but we will clearly point them out. All lies and liars in the world can be easily avoided if they are all lies. Powerful lies and liars mix deadly lies within undeniable truths and facts. Thus evil thrive in achieving its objective life destruction.

According to current medical knowledge, Type One Diabetes is defined as heredity, and Type Two Diabetes is non-heredity life-style lead activity. This 5-minutes video discussion points out best cures are Mediterranean diet, more activities, reduce stress via technical mindfulness. To be more descriptive, diet consists of olive, ginger, garlic, hot peppers, sour fruits like limes, doing serious physical exercises, and meditation. Exercises should include stretching, breathing, running, jumping, in addition to calisthenics exercises (such as, pull up, push up, and squats). Meditation exercises have very technical variations, but for most people, the description in the video listening to breaths and focusing on mind is good enough. People will unlock the mysteries and secrets in these activities when they do it regularly. In similar to life needing breathing, eating, clothes, rest, sweating, and other activities, dedicated therapeutic exercising is needed for everyone at the age about seven and then for the rest of the life. Human beings are not meant to be sitting most times in a day, or in any other inactivity.

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-Daniel Hawley

I Cured My Type Two Diabetes this Morning- 10min

The video below is very technical with chart data presentations with professional toned arguments, which can confound many people. The main point is that diabetes is curable. The info the doctors in mainstream medical practices conveys that it is incurable is false. In addition, insulins are dangerous and stupid that will eventually kill the patient, but the right curing activities are fasting, exercising, and eating weight-loss fat-burning foods. The truth is that diabetes is direct result of obesity. The false medical system in the USA teaches the victims helplessness. Obesity makes fat on the organs: liver, pancaus, and heart. The answers in this video are fasting, and exercising, but do not forget about the fat-burning medicinal foods too. Lastly, surgical methods presents in a chart during presentation, sleeve gastrectomy, cutting parts of a stomach and sewing it back to make it smaller, seems very dangerous and stupid idea.

Two Big Lies about Type Two Diabetes- 55 min

Insulin takes sugar out of blood, but puts back into the body’s system (possibly via blood transport) and sugar became attached to organs (like rust to iron) to start to destroy. Treating diabetes with insulin is like giving alcoholics more drinks. Burn the sugar via fasting and exercising. What is ketogenic diet? Ketogenic diet involves consuming a very low amount of carbohydrates and replacing them with fat to help your body burn fat for energy. Foods you can eat on the keto diet include fish and seafood, meat and poultry, non-starchy vegetables like bell peppers, broccoli, and zucchini, avocados, berries, nuts and seeds, eggs, high-fat dairy products, olive oil and other oils, and high-cocoa chocolate.

Sugar Rots you Inside out- Dr Jason Fung (7min)

Sumo Wrestlers have specially trained fat. Exercising makes fat distributed on the skin surfaces but not invade into the organs, according to the software generated video graphics. The real x-ray of a sumo wrestler will be better and more scientific. The key point is that intensive exercising help them achieve it. Most normal people won’t need this kind of specially placed fat on body, so don’t try to put on so much weight like them anyway. Remember the WWF wrestler Yokozuna who died from “Pulmonary Edema”. He was possibly an exception because he did not train much but just worked on gaining weight. Again, exercising and weight loss is key to overcoming Type Two Diabetes, which is absolutely curable. Body fats invading to circulatory system, and other vital organs are the cause of Type Two Diabetes.

"Special diet is not the point, but they are on energy (calorie) deficit. Healthy life consists of periods of feasting and fasting, but diabetic people are in a period of feasting forever. Ideal exercising purpose is to break down the body, and then after eat and sleep, building it back up stronger, more muscle mass, and bone density strength. [Sumo] are on a calorie surplus in a healthy way. [More specific need for patients to learn] is the weight loss around the organs, the fatty liver, and pancreas (that is healthy and cures type 2 diabetes)."

-Daniel Hawyley
Veteran Pro MMA Athelete (martial artist/high-level wrestler)

What you can learn from Sumo Wrestlers?

Below is another inspirational video about exercising to lose weights. There may be some deceptive outcomes showing about this transformation because it involved liposuction surgery. WoL highlights on exercising as key to achieve the objective. For many people exercising is nuisance, and painful, but they do not realize it is necessary responsibility to have a blessed living. Do not wait to exercise until you become an extreme case with health problems-- more painful, and deadly. Teach the children to exercise regularly at the young age too. Type One Diabetes is not curable, according to the doctors, because possibly the family diet and routine lifestyle activities cannot be changed. There might be different results if the kid were to be placed into different family environment at birth as an experiment!

Man Walking to Walmart Daily to Buy Food Cotinuously to Cure Diabetes

“There is no magical perfect food. All foods without exercise will give problems to health. You need to eat to live, but you need to lose weight to be healthy. Exercising is necessary and the only way. Some forms of trainings and exercises (doing martial arts) are more effective than others. People will find their ways if they would do it with sincerity and perseverance. Intensive weight lifting is not the only way, bad in the long run, and is not even right because its goal is to train the muscles mainly. Do the trainings that will repair your body. Train its ability to repair itself (like training the “immune system”). Exercises should address bones, tendons, joints, blood (circulatory system), breathing (respiratory system), and the nervous system itself. Such as running (cardio), stretching (yoga ways), calisthenics (natural) exercises, jumping (workout for the internal organs), and deeper (more mysterious) meditation techniques.

In doing so, you require different nutrients to recover to ascend-- not one type of magical perfect food (that does not exist). Know which vitamin, nutrients, or healing foods to take at any specific situations and times. Chili, lime, garlic, onion, ginger, and olive are examples of fat-burning foods. Note also that cold weather makes fat cling onto body. Use gym sauna room, home heated room, or outdoor sunshine location (during summer) to lose weight. Train for the ability to absorb the needs of your body, which is called meditation exercises. I am my own doctor!”

-Christopher McGrath
Sage-level Martial Artist
Arts of Ancient Wisdom

Fast food doesn’t make weight gain. Exercising is the key. In video below, he does not mention that he cooks his own food. This is a serious lesson to learn. People have to learn to make their own food! Most people nowadays do not know how to make their own food, especially the ones with metabolic disorders. Instead of going to the doctors, they should take classes about what food to buy, and how to cook. Ability to make your own healthy food and eat is part of life responsibility and exercising is the key.

No Special Food to be Healthy but Exercise

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