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Lies and Problems from Drug-addicts, and Solutions


Christopher McGrath

Date: 6/20/2023
Subjects: Drug Addicts, homeostasis, steroids, drugs, marijuana, pot, crack, cocaine, fentanyl, and opioid, Life Foundation, Human Life Principles, Life Force/Energy, Essential Knowledge for Health, Inspiration to Find Truths, Good vs. Evil War in Drugs, Medicine, Academics, and Politics.
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Drug addicts and government destroy freedom. They are dangerous liars. WoL will summarize by recommending everyone to read, download, and own a PDF copy. WoL Library proudly distributes it. HTML view and PDF file, are both together on this webpage. PDF file may be better and more formal to read from.

We need handy definition(s) first:


: A state of balance among all the body systems needed for the body to survive and function correctly.


is a man-made narcotic. It is used legally to treat addiction to narcotics and to relieve severe pain, often in individuals who have cancer or terminal illnesses.

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Lies and Problems from Drug-addicts, and Solutions

-PDF file

Scientific Challenge

publication by Christopher McGrath.

Introduction about the Author and Intentions

This scientific article is written for War on Lies (WoL) organization, on the formal paid request of the owner Daniel B. Hawley. I, Christopher McGrath, www.aaw.link, is the author and main contributor. I stand behind my words as always, but will not be hesitant to change and admit error when I am proven wrong. I am a life-long scholar, mathematician, scientist, and engineer. I live by Christian rules (truths), which are compliant with natural basic logic of humans. My identity and contact info are present at the above URL. Responses, and questions are welcome.

Truths about the Drug Addicts

Drug addicts have disgusting behaviors, such as lying, laziness, arrogance, abrupt shallow assertions, and unclean appearance and stench from body and substance utilizations. They are not violent criminal, but are as bad in terms of damages they produce in effects to others. Do drug addicts have behavioral flaws from drug usage or they use drugs because they have those behaviors? There is no excuse regardless. Life has responsibilities to grow in every aspect, such as intellectually, mentally, physically (health-wise), spiritually, and financially. Drug addicts are delinquent.

Responsibilities to Learn Essential Life Skills

Due to vanity, they did not learn essential life skills. Soon they really become dull in their minds (stupid), and they cannot learn anymore. No one was born smart. All human beings were born helpless, needy, stupid, weak, and undeveloped in senses. Observe infants. They need to learn how to eat, how to use bathroom, how to walk, how to talk, how to listen, how to be aware of themselves (such as avoiding illnesses), and so on. All basic skills in life must keep ascending to relative life-standards at the regions the humans live at. Why should drug addicts have excuses and be treated as special? Let us review a few skills in details how important is ascending.

Basic Life Skill 1: Eating

We begin with eating. Infant drinks mother’s milk, but it needs to learn to eat more complex food to ascend. Mother milk is safe and simple, but it’s also limited in benefits. Babies cannot use their hands, spoons, or utensils to eat by themselves without being taught first or by learning. Shallow idiots may say, “What is so complicated about eating? This example is stupid and trivial!” Expectations in life with primary eating skills does not end there. There are many full-grown adults suffering because they never learned how to buy good food, and cook to eat. Mastering to be able to hold spoon to carry food to mouth during childhood does not complete the eating skill in life. Knowing more about which food to eat at different conditions, times, or situations becomes part of life essential skills. This cannot be simplified down as looking for perfect food to eat. There is no perfect food. Foods can make us strong to be productive, but also can heal from illnesses as well. All food are toxic in excess consumption. Illnesses will happen to everyone. Avoiding fearfully is futile and pathetic, but knowing how to deal with when necessary is the way to go.

Basic Life Skill 2: Motion

A shallow person may think walking is a trivial skill. Being able to take a few steps as infants, tying the shoes, running around, jumping, and flipping are some examples of skill ascensions. For the people living in the USA, learning to drive a car, and buying a car are more evolved skills from walking. How about learning how to maintain a car or fixing mechanical problems in cars?

Basic Life Skill 3: Communication

Talking [communication] is the most important skill in life. Examples described above heavily implied necessary knowledge acquisitions was increasing with age in life. Mothers are supposed to be primary teachers to the children. As humans grow older, they must learn from other people besides parents. Lazy ones or those with behavioral evils run into stagnation or dead end in communication skills. On the other hand, the world being full of liars, growing students can face difficult obstacles from communicating with others. Most people enjoy lying, talking nonsense [wasting times], insulting in talks, and other wrong ways to communicate (signatures of the devil present). There is only one way to communicate without problems: speak the truths respectfully. Children feel happy as if their life purposes are being fulfilled when they learn something new. Life for everyone is designed to be life-long learning. Conversing is godly power endowed in humans to be able to evolve in life, meaning change to improve daily. Simply forming words into sentences isn’t talking. Note conversing includes talking and listening. The corrupt ways (evil devil’s ways) of conversing are lying, not listening, insulting or expressing impolite behavior and speech, talking about lies or trivial deviations, and breaking other logical rules in talking, which is beyond the scope to cover the details here.

Harms from Dangerous Liars

There are many ways someone can become a drug addict. However the detail cases may be, the resulting undesirable behaviors fall in very few categories to classify them. Drug addicts are harmless peaceful people is a fallacy. They are dangerous liars. Depending on drugs they use, they may be introverted self-destructive or illogically belligerent.

As described in previous paragraphs, life by design has responsibilities for growths, and constant learning to evolve. YOLO (You Only Live Once) acronym is what young idiot drug addicts would proudly spout out to random strangers. Drug addict acts smart by making up a garbage acronym concealment in words, which is first violation in talking about lies or trivial deviations. Drug addict spouts that out to a stranger who will not have chance to prove him/her wrong. The slogan acronym she spouted out, she does not live by them or will not die by them. She has a Medicare or Medicate card (government/public funded welfare), which (s)he will use without hesitation to fix illnesses affecting from drug use. This act of running to a doctor like ignorant useless scared pathetic idiot, (s)he keeps it private, which is lying again.

Do Drugs Make Better Physical Abilities and Skills?

Drug addicts may claim the drugs make them stronger (perform like super athletes), or make them intellectually perform better. Most drug addicts who spout out (somewhat at reachable level to me to prove them wrong), claimed mostly about physical abilities. I ran into some of them in my life in martial arts pursuits and figured out the truths. We cannot treat all drug addicts the same though. The type of drug “addict” we are talking about in sports performance, are rather a cheat-- not an addict. The problem is that other real nuisance lazy drug addicts in the shadows would claim drugs are good using these cheats as references.

Steroid users have to be distinguished from drug addicts who use for other reasons, but the outcomes (destructions) are the same. The cheats use them because they were weak and stupid not to be able to overcome their weakness. No one was born a genius, and no one was born a superman. Steroids borrow body’s reserved resources, such as reserved energy, reserved resources that would respond in case of preventing illness, in physical injuries, or disease and illness. The immune system itself is on a weak run for the steroid users. Overall body harmony (homeostasis) is in greatly disturbed imbalance state for drug users. They feel strong, but they can’t feel body’s warning signs. Only when they reach breaking points, they suffer tremendous horrific injuries, such as shin bone breaking in half, sudden knock-out crash, or some bone, muscle, tendon, or part snapped. These are life-threatening shameful injuries. Many of them even use these breaking-point events as if they were hard-working admirable athletes to behold in awe. If you go bang on someone’s leg with your shin (regardless of where to land) and you break your shin instead, you should be publically shamed. My shin and many other body parts are trained and hardened in correct natural process, instead of like these cheats, so I know what I am talking about. Shin bone is a very responsive part to train for hardening. At energy-charged state, my shin cannot be broken. If I hit a tree repeatedly with full strength and speed about fifty times, of course at some point it might break. However, I would start to feel the pain before the breaking point is reached. Give it a rest for about few hours (as little as four to eight hours depending on how much time been spent regularly), it heals quickly back. In fact, the tree I use to bang on in training cannot heal as quickly and it dies. I noticed this phenomenon during my peak training times with three trees that died. Even a big tree trunk as large as 0.8 meter in diameter would die in about two months. In martial arts competitions, you do not bang on your opponent for more than 20 times, realistically only about 3 times. With natural training, you are not draining out some parts of your body system and boosting/giving it to somewhere else, like drugs are doing. You are truly building up the whole homeostasis state (overall Life Force). Fake steroid-effect training cannot achieve this. Steroids do not give faster results either. It may seem so in the beginning, but on the long run, natural training produces exponential growths and results, as opposed to steroids growing possibly linearly, but has definite breaking-point (crash-point) somewhere on time. Knowing this phenomenon, I challenged everyone within my reach who claimed well about steroids or other drugs, such as marijuana or anything else. I have proven this point to some, but most cowards withdrew once they realized what they were facing… The natural-train contender have to be aware of the steroid (or other artificial drug-enhance) user. I could run into a steroid-freak and/or pothead-freak cheat effect if the other side is a sneak cheat who did not declare and I didn’t train seriously to face them. This article is not intended for detail martial arts training tactics, but rather a scientific report. Nevertheless, those interested more on martial arts could look into a proposed project at https://aaw.link/knight-foundation/letwhayte-system-secrets-book.html. Natural honorable contender is competing to reach the breaking-point of the steroid freak. When it does, it will not be pretty. There are “secrets” of energy-level understandings, and methods to achieve them during the training, during the competition, and afterward (healing times) as well. When a steroid freak loses, it is put away for a long time (or done for life) as opposed to knowledgeable honorable contender who can quickly heal and be ready to fight again--as quickly as within three days. The shin-bone breaking is just a particular example used to present truth-versus-lie scenario.

Natural-training effect produces overall shield in whole body. Head-butting the tree with rough barks numerously with energy charged state produced no cuts on skin (skin hardness increased), vision awareness increased, potential-damage receive to body produced no injuries or pain, and the effect really is in over-all whole body system, such as nervous system, respiratory system, circulatory system, metabolic system, excretory system, and immune system and ALL the body organs within. Am I damaging my brain? In training, I am damaging everything on my body and organs within. However, I get better everything (parts) when they are all repaired. They start to repair faster as this process continues, and they become more difficult (resilient) to be damaged. Drug user cannot achieve this and their self-awareness is reduced. I had never been knocked out cold from one blow. In fact, I have never been knocked out in my life. Very powerful blows to head area may cause knockdowns and visible injuries, but trained body responds instantly to situations and starts repairs and does other necessary reactions; before anything breaks, there would be signs and pains. A body suddenly reaching to tremendous breaking point against another mere human is an indication of anomaly in homeostasis, such as outside agent like drugs causing it. Steroid freaks may act like supermen for short-while in their lives, but lived miserable unhealthy lives, and died young. I will not mention names here, but there are plenty!

Do Drugs Make Smarter Intellectuals?

Intellectual cheats are another essential category to cover on this subject matter. They are just like sports cheats, however, and they cannot be identically classified as drug addicts. Without being too concern about reasons for usage, the purpose is to expose their lying multiple lives and their disgusting shameless behaviors. There is no drug that makes someone more intelligent. In order to be more intelligent, mental exercises are needed just like physical exercises, such as learning mathematics, playing chess, solving problems (scientific and engineering), and reading. The brain and metal abilities can truly become dull and damaged in the state of prolonged neglect. Academic systems nowadays have very possible cheating ways. Complete incapable, stupid person can have degrees and recognitions. There are institutions that cheat as well as the individual students. Especially many private schools and prep-schools, and some public schools fake the course contents and give ace grades to mediocre students and passing grades to failing students. Being a tutor/instructor for years, I discovered it. In addition, the cheating students find ways to find someone to do the work for them. To authenticate a true intellectual takes only a few sentence exchanges. Lying dishonest person always talk in ambiguity, future rainchecks, in concealments, subtle tone, and so on in the certain language usage or speech pattern. Intellectual cheats who are on drugs make private claims that certain drugs they use makes them think better or work well. Intellectual cheats can be proven in a challenge just like physical cheats.


Drug addicts are weakling lairs and lazy conniving people acting smart talking nonsense irresponsibly while looking for short-cut in life and living multiple lives. They are destroying and consuming youthful times and energies but they quickly get consumed up and become burden to everyone near them if they do not die quickly. Soon they start stealing, conniving others, and some may even do violent crimes or may anger other righteous people with their lies and crooked behaviors to provoke. The ones who did not commit violent crimes and ended up in prisons gave troubles to others indirectly on societal scale. Making laws to treat them as special cases give more power to corrupt government. Welfare system is supporting their lying dying lives. The government in the USA labels the drug addicts as genetic illness or mental disease and uses Methadone to treat drug addicts. Now they get drugs on public expense. This is a great multi-million-dollars program in operation currently (2023). All expenses in this treatment programs, such as living, traveling, cell phones, education, and etc. are on government.

Many activities drug addicts do are criminal activities, but most effective legal attack they impose on others is smell attack. Although many public places and buildings have rules against smoking, drug addicts smoke foul-smelling unhealthy substances, such as marijuana, crack, cocaine, and others around the clock at their homes, where the law cannot reach them. Many residences in modern days are shared or closely connected. Regular exposure to toxic fumes can do major health damage to other righteous people. The most important factor in life is breathing--although water, food, shelter, and others factors are also important. Without breathing, anyone can die in about five minutes (30 seconds for most people). Chronic exposures to toxic smells cause disease. Amazing how potheads smoke disgusting smelling marijuana while coughing--stupid and numb enough to not realize the body’s reaction to toxicity. Cigarettes, and cigars smell are consider minor smell problems nowadays. Drug addicts make babies and raise them in great negligence and abuse. The babies smell stinking drug smokes they use around the clock. Their weakness in mind and physical feelings, and all other life problems make them do drugs, but it does not solve the problems. They talk tough as if they do not mind dying, but they do not die quickly and they would do anything, such as using the medicate card to run to a doctor when they are ill and about to die. Incidentally, many drug addicts are beautiful, handsome young women and men. They make others weak and ill by forcing the smell on them. This problem in spiritual perspective is a demonic possession indeed. Drug addicts flirt around with death force and spread it around with lies, audacity, shamelessness, and other intrusive activities. They become bonded stronger with death force as time progress. Soon, they cannot escape or come back to life world anymore.


Take medicate privilege away from drug addicts, but don’t prosecute them for using drugs. Smell attack is the most severe attack that should be enforced. Drug addicts are guaranteed to infringe in other illegal activities, and personal safety. Let them do so and take responsibilities or pay back for their sins. Stop funding drug addicts through welfare system will solve the problem and reduce the existence of numerous drug addicts. Make them live up to their stupid words and die for them on societal scale-- not on legal system. Let their “loved ones” take care of them- not government and make no laws about them. In fact, most drug addicts live on welfare life support while their loved ones had already given up on them because they have caused enough damages. Government stays in power by managing drug addicts.


In summary, borrowing from the body reserve energy system on prolonged period, but not paying back, will kill drug addicts. Design of this paper is to be scientific essay without formal citation references about past observations, experiments, and experiences. This paper will exist as live on-going experiment in case a drug-addict responder shows up to a challenge claiming drugs make them physically or intellectually better, for next five years.


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